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  1. I’d dump Daishi in a second for Maimi, and though i’d feel horribly guilty, I’d know I’d never forgive myself if i let a chance with Maimi slip through my fingers.

  2. Ishida’s the kind of girl you could have a meaningful relationship with. Maimi’s more pleasing to look at, so she’d do for a one night stand or so, but Ayumi’s the one to settle down with.

  3. People tend to forget that Ayumi is still technically a child.

    I like H!P but sometimes the fans kinda disgust me.

    Finding someone, who is underage pretty is fine, but wanting to sleep with them is sooo wrong.

    It would have been nice for those guys to say something like “Since Ayumi is underage, I’d go for Maimi” …

    But we’re talking about H!P Wota’s…or Wota’s in general….so why am i suprised?

    Since I’m a fan since 2006…i should be used to that crap…

    • Japan’s age of consent is 13… So, all the Morning Musume girls are legal…
      If they weren’t idols they would be able to sleep with men as much as they like as long as they’re consenting… So… Why would that be a problem that they’re attracted to these girls?
      And just like Krv said, she’s 16 so she’s legal in most European countries and looots of other countries around the world…

      • It’s not just Ayumi…
        I mean in general.

        In somalia it is totally okay for a 50 year old dude to mary a girl who is like 10…as long as she has her period it’s fucking okay.
        Just because the law says it’s fine, it doesn’t make it right.

        And there being photobooks of u15 girls in g-strings and guys over 30 buying those is deffo pretty wrong.

        And a 45 year old guy fucking a 16 year old is pretttttty fucked up :/

        • Once again people are forgetting that this is a different culture! Female Japanese idols mainly have ADULT MALE fans. That’s how it works. Even when the Berryz girls were 11 and 12 the audience was filled with adult male fans screaming for them. That’s part of why many Japanese people (male and female) don’t openly admit to being a wota. Being a fan is not the same as being a wota. Wota is on another level similar to otaku and often considered “gross”. This is the truth about the idol culture. Adult male fans have fantasies about these girls but it’s difficult to explain. It’s much deeper than just looking at photographs and “having a good time”. The Japanese take this attraction towards an idol to a level that is worshipful. It’s sexual and non-sexual and paternal all at the same time. It used to upset me when I began learning about this years ago but if I wanted to continue being a fan I had to just accept it. At least Hello! Project isn’t disgusting about promoting it like some other groups. You can explore this a bit more by reading some more translations that have been done just on THIS site. Especially the ones where fans say that they wish this or that girl was their daughter or they had a daughter like her. But try to keep in mind that while many wota and fans can be perverted, MOST feel protective of these girls and would never actually harm these girls, even in their own minds. The idols are there for them to reconnect to boyhood fantasies and give them a taste of their youth back. So he’s 50 and she’s 14! He’s thinking back to when he was her 15 year old classmate. He can only touch her at hand-shake events. It’s a fake love and when he loses his interest in her he will move onto another idol.

          • I get the Idol culture…but it is still hard to except all of it.
            And i know that not every male wota has this little dirty secret…
            Its just sometimes it is really wrong.

            And then i think” Did they think of MaiMai the same way back then?….when she was like..8?”

            But what i cannot come to term with is:

            What do they do, if they someday have their own children?…doesnt it disgust them when they think back to the times, when they were attracted to girls who were the same age as their(future) daughter?

            Back in 2006 i was just happy, seeing girls who were my age dancing and singing around and seemingly having fun.

            Now that i am older, i think a little bit different… i like the new girls and i enjoy watching them doing their best and constantly improving themselves….but then i look at their audience and wonder how the girls must feel….if the idol life is as much fund as it seems or how much their paid…is it worth wasting your whole youth…and all that jazz.

            I’m at the age, that some of those girls could technically be my daughters….so i dont know…maybe its an maternal instinct?

      • It’s really by prefecture and most of them put the age at 17-18. In Tokyo, where the H!P headquarters is, it’s 18. So, no, the girls are not legal. In America, it’s generally legal at 16 to have sex with someone of the same age but not for 18+ to sleep with someone younger than 18. In one American state you can marry with parental consent (so legally have sex) at 14. People used to marry at 14 and 15 all the time less than 100 years ago. My American grandma was married at 14 to a 26 year old in 1940. Japan started to “come up” at least a decade after that.

        • that and USA and most western countries prosecute sex offenders for overseas offences too.

  4. give me 1 month..or at least 2 weeks before break up with daiishi
    I’ll go for maimi all the way

  5. If we’re talking “settling down” it’s a no-brainer for Maimi. One of the few, like Ai-chan, Risa, Yurina, Yuko, level headed and “down to earth” H!P women.

  6. Maimi seems like the girl who would forget you turned her down and move on with her life.

    Daishi seems like ‘Mariko’ from Naichau Kamo, even if you keep going out with her, she’ll know your heart isn’t in it and you’ll both be miserable.

  7. Since Michishige is my #1, and Tokunaga my #2, I could never date Yajima. Therefore, it would be Ishida by default, which would be OK, since she’s always been my 10th gen favorite (although she is awfully young).

  8. If Daaishi confessed to me, I would be very flattered but I’m not getting arrested. It may be consensual in JPN but returning to the US I be doing time. Not worth it.
    But she is so cute and talented. She has the potential to dance and sing along side RihoRiho.

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  10. i’ll dump Maimi. She is so loveable.
    Its not because i am her fans, but Maimi is the type who will find better guy than me.
    After i hang out with Daishi, i’ll find my way to get Sakura (LOL)

  11. It’s hard choice really. First there is this gorgeous, sexy, athletic, healthy, & funny air-headed girl meanwhile on the other hand there is……… Daaishii.

    I’ll stick to Daaishi of course. Imagining her wear that unfashionable t-shirt & forcing me to bring her to “all-you-can-eat” restaurant in every date always made feel warm & fluffy inside.

  12. I’d get Eripon to seduce Ayumi so I could break up with her guilt free.

    Either that, or I’d give her some McDonalds coupons as a parting gift, and in her joy she would instantly forget the heartbreak.

  13. for a sec there, i thought this was a maimi X ayumi lesbian thread after seeing the pic. but no… it’s another POOR ayumi joke thread. har har.
    yeah, i would dump ayumi for maimi too. poor ayumi. hohoho.

  14. Daaishi has this air like she ll be able to help her future husband get through anything.
    Maimi is like Iida Kaori 4.0, high maintenance and ultimately not clearing the “cost_profit” analysis.
    Maimu is Honda hayabusa-poi
    Daaishi is like a dependable Kawasaki that will always get you were you want to go with enough power to have fun but not killing you in the proccess.
    Like a Niigaki. Like a Konno. Like a my pace Kame.

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