38 comments on “I love you, Maa-chan

  1. Maachan is the miracle of this world.

    Maachan is the happiness princess of this world

    I’ll forever love you, Maa-chan.

  2. I love Maa-chan so much that whenever I sing any song in karaoke I change the word “You” into “Maa-chan”. Even if it doesn’t make any sense.

    “And I….. will always love Maa-chaaan”,
    “Every breath Maa-chan take, every move Maa-chan make….”

  3. Haha! I love her too. She’s like a fairy. It can’t be put into words and even a heterosexual woman like me can feel it and is attracted.

  4. Ah, Maachan~ <3

    She is a ray of light in my daily life. It doesn't matter what happens, when I search for something Masaki-related, I end up being so relaxed. There's something so cute and innocent about her…

    Yup. When I think about it – throughout all my life I've never met a girl like Maa-chan. I wonder, why?
    As much as I don't expect high-school students to be this playful, I don't recall ever meeting a middle-schooler nor even a elementary-schooler (sic!) to be any similar to Masaki.

  5. Why does Maa-Chan win everyone’s affections, I wonder?

    Maa-Chan….. Maa-Chan…. Just that name makes me think of a happily, giggly sheep version of Masaki.

    I love you.

  6. Omg, this thread is like a combination of all my feelings towards Maachan…
    yes 36, I want forever 14sai Maachan T.T
    Thank you Henkka for translating this
    Maachan is a miracle girl…
    Maachan, I love you…

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  8. Damn u Henkka, u got me wondering wut he was sorry about too lol…

    But the “This thread is gross But i love you” comment is the best, it’s the best way to sum up us wota’s unnatural affection towards maa-chan, we shouldnt love her as much as we do but we just cant help it

  9. In a lot of ways, I dread Ma-chan growing up, and in a lot of different ways i look forward to see what kind of adult she’ll become. But no mater what my love of Ma-chan will never change.

  10. Those guys are pedos!

    But I want to marry the baby picture of Maachan.

    I love Maachan more than her mother’s love for her.

    I love Maachan more than Tsunku’s favoritism towards Riho.

    I love Maachan more than Sayumi’s love for her face.

  11. really love her…so much…
    its a miracle for this life…I am truly grateful for being born at this time…an know Maa-chan♥

    • I’m pretty sure the “besame mucho” was a pun on Koi no TELEPHONE GOAL’s lyrics. lol

      Anyway a great thread, #40 is somehow really cute.

    • Cabbage

      I’m sorry that Yuukarin graduated

      earlier than yo expected

      You deserved it anyway


      P.s. enjoy your new oshimen

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