11 comments on “Ishida Ayumi looks like a drunk Assistant Manager at the year-end drinking party

  1. Haha Part timer Suzuki… I see somebody else notices that zukki is barely part of the group. I swear she is coming close to a “pink slip” aka unexpected sudden graduation.. this should get me a couple thumbs down :) lmao

    Professional Alcoholic does sound like the perfect job, i can get paid to drink my a$$ off and act like a fool with Ayumin… Where do i find the application

    • Nah, I don’t think so. She’s one of the reasons some ppl have come to enjoy MM. They came to check out Zukki, cause she was fat. Then ended up liking the group.

      • I’m with you. I remember when she first joined. Tightly squinted eyes. All teeth. She looks so relaxed and…terrrific now. She’ll be fine.

      • haha, im not saying that cause shes fat though…. She has become almost invisible lately…She is always pushed to the back and never gets any media exposure…

        She started out as the genki outrageously weird type and pushed her character earlier than the other 9th gen but got her character stolen by riho and eripon when those 2 stopped being shy and unsure of wut to do… Zukki character after that seemed forced and fake whenever she did it cause rihos and eripons seemed more natural and true so she lost her place in the group right there… Then it got worse with the addition of the 10th and 11th gen members who brung in even more diverse personalties especially Sato and Oda… Now zukki to me is like the next version of Sudo Maasa, somebody in the group who is just there

    • zukkie the underemployed should join an idol union and fight for her right to paaaaaaaaaaaarty! …not a graduation party i hope.

  2. Henkka: I’ve always felt that had Daaishi not made it into Morning Musume, she could’ve instead made a fine professional alcoholic.

    Yaguchi Mari and others OG are well known drunkard.
    It’s just a question of time for Daaishi.

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