12 comments on “I love Maa-chan so much it’s painful to be alive

  1. At first i couldnt understand wut made Tsunku choose Sato and i didnt really care for her but now she has become such a legendary member that she already has a spot in the Momusu hall of fame… She brought back the youth, innocence, and fun the group has been missing since the Tsuji/Kago era.. And most of all she did the impossible, she broke down the MONSTROUS WALL that Reina built up around herself with ease, something that has been standing for almost 10 years… Like others, she made me like her and now she is my 4th favorite current member behind Eripon, Riho, and Oda

  2. She is so special, at first i thought she was just your typical shy young member, then she became so outspoken, silly, cute and crazy! She’s adorable and now i can’t imagine momusu without her :)

  3. Duu is technically younger, but Maachan is the youngest in the group for me. Duu can be so mature and professional that I forget her age sometimes, but Maachan is still pure, innocent, and playful. I love that she can still be a kid.

  4. I actually disliked Maa-chan a bit during the first part of the auditions, because I thought she was lazy and impolite. That impression disappeared during the second part, I was really impressed by her progress. And in the announcement during the concert I thought it was cute how shy she was, but the quiet and shy ones were never my favorites. Then, she began increasingly catching my attention as she was getting crazier and funnier exponentially. Before I noticed it she was already my absolute oshi, overriding all the other H!P members in a blink of an eye. It’s actually the first time I’ve liked and idol this much, she’s like an ideal little sister or yourger cousin I would love to have. Everything is going according to her master plan. lol Maa-chan is a genius!

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  6. I don’t love her, but I cant stop thinking about her. It’s like I’m putting too much care/concern toward someone I don’t really know in real life, which is kind of a bit weird and pathetic. The thing is, I don’t think I’m novice on oshi and Idol matters, since this is already my 12th years being momusu fan. But with Maa-chan, even I’m worrying of how much I get involve emotionally with her, I just can’t stop.

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