8 comments on “Sayashi-chan continues to mourn; stops using “hyahhooi♪ ( ´θ`)ノ”

  1. Oh my God…
    I realized that Riho was not saying Hyahhooi anymore but this thread makes me see at it with an entire different look ww

  2. ya see? blogs and satoyamamamam hippie crap are bad for lolis! H!P should stop doing that hurtful farming/fishing crap, and limit interactions with unclean wotas.

    • Just read the two Riho blog posts linked in the thread. To cite her own words:

      For one month,
      I thought I was growing mint with all my might,
      but I was growing “mold” with all my might(^◇^;)!!

      In short: she accidentally killed her plant and now she’s mourning its death.

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