19 comments on “Where are all the Reina wota going to end up once she’s gone?

  1. It’s actually kind of hard to say so far! I mean, I’ve been Reina oshi for 10 years and I like LoVendoЯ and the members so I don’t have any intention of abandoning her. I went to their first live and it was a lot of fun, Reina had a totally different energy than we usually get to see.

    That said, I’ve also been a Hello!Pro and Musume fan for 10 years and I don’t plan on abandoning them either. I like all of the younger girls a lot and supporting any one of them would probably be fine, but I don’t have my heart set on one just yet. I’m curious to see if the auditions will bring in that one girl who’ll capture my heart or whether it’ll end up being Daaishi or Maachan who I’m leaning toward right now. Until auditions are over maybe I’ll support Sayu? *laughs*

  2. Whoa they were really dishing it out huh.
    Reina isn’t my no.1, but she’s still one of my favourites. I think Reina fans will probably be split to either moving on to Maa-chan, Sayumin, or LoVendoR. I personally find Maa-chan’s quirkiness appealing, and would probably not have noticed it as much if she didn’t cling to Reina as much as she does. I really like Sayu, but I think she’s gonna pass the baton soon after Reina leaves. And though I like the concept of LoVendoR, I haven’t been paying them much attention. Hopefully they get better songs.

    Hilarious pic, by the way.

  3. Reina is my goddess.

    I have yet to find any idol from any group that comes even close to her.

    But from Momusu… I’m waiting for the 12th gen. Until then, it’s Ayumin ond/or Maachan.

  4. I was really into Reina a bit back when all of the graduations occurred but only because she was my semi favorite and all of my tops graduated.
    She has slowly been falling out of favor with me especially since LoVendoR turned out to be pretty mediocre.
    I’m liking Ikuta and Maa-chan pretty hard recently. I used to despise Sayumi but I like her quite a bit these days.

  5. I’ll support Reina and her band as long as her songs are available online. (eg: itunes). I’m already a fan of Sayu, so i’m not exactly switching from Reina to Sayu, Otherwise, i’ll support Otsuka Aina from Juice=Juice. I like her voice, and Reina’s voice the same. They are catchy.

  6. I love Reina to bits, she is the one who got me interested in Morning Musume and has been my favorite since I first laid eyes on her ever since. So seeing her leave is extremely sad for me. But I won’t be moving on to LoVendoR and i’ll continue to support Morning Musume until I feel that I no longer can. As for maybe finding a new favorite, I love alot of the members right now but i’m not sure if any would ever take Reina’s place as #1 for me. Maybe Sakura? I think I like her most right now! I guess we’ll see what this new gen audition brings!

  7. Kuduu, for me.

    I’ll still support Reina after she graduates, but I love Morning Musume too much to abandon it, either. I suppose a lot of Reina fans will switch over to Maachan or something, but I’ve never been too fond of Maachan and her childish behavior, so I can’t say I’ll be one of them.

  8. I always think it’s stupid to abandon a group just because your favourite member has left, that’s not a legitimate reason to abandon them at all. If you’re not supporting the group for their music and what they represent then why are supporting them in the first place?

  9. I’ll actually stick to Morning Musume and Lovendor. Ever since I’ve seen Lovendor live, I love them. I totally agree with that one guy saying that the MM opening and the actual Lovendor concerts are completely different. Lovendor live is also completely different from their recordings. Reina fits so well into the band, too. I hope they’ll keep going for a while!

    For MM, I still love all of the girls so I’ll definitely stick to them. Sayashi has caught my eye, it seems now that I’ll switch to her. :) I don’t see why people would switch to Maa-chan though? I mean, Reina and her have a funny relationship, but she completely different from Reina? xD

  10. I’m with Shiroi’s opinion with this one. What is the point of supporting some group in the first place if you really just like one person in that group?
    For me Reina has been the least favourite member of the band and I’m counting from 1st generation to 11th since all she usually talks about is clothes and fashion, sadly I can’t think of anything more boring for a topic as those so… Naturally she has had some funny moments like everyone else but I just never was into her personality, she seems to be kind of greedy and I don’t consider that to be very “idol like”, what is what they’re supposed to be. Good mannered people with good morals is pretty much the way that an idol is supposed to be, and Reina is also a little bit too sharp tongued to fit in that category. Michishige is too except that in her case it seems to be her character since everyone are always saying that she is much nicer outside of the cameras.
    I’m not trying to bash Reina or anything since that is totally unnecessary thing to do, nobody wins when people are bashing people they don’t know on the internet, I like her but I like all of the other members more.

    It’s interesting to see that how’s LoVendoR going to do, have they been promoted enough that people who are not into H!P can take them for a serious rock band and not just “oh that band with that one girl from Morning Musume and some random girls”? There are surely going to be lots of opinions like that so I’m not holding my breath for their bigger success, hopefully they do well but I personally wouldn’t count on it.
    Who is going to write their songs after this first cover album, Tsunku? Probably not, he hasn’t said so, I think. Can someone from their band make good new songs? Maybe now that Mano is not with H!P anymore and KAN, Hatake and Taisei aren’t making songs for her, like they used to, maybe they could make them? At least KAN and Hatake can do great ballads and at least Hatake can make great rock songs which means that I would be thrilled if they would be their main composers. But well we’ll see that in the nearby future.

    • Quote: I’m with Shiroi’s opinion with this one. What is the point of supporting some group in the first place if you really just like one person in that group?

      Wrong. The question focus too much on Reina alone. Reina’s graduation mark the begin of the end of the platinum Era. Sayu will close the door sonner or later. We focus on Reina because she was along with aichan the best singer of that Era.

      It’s not because i’ve loved the platinum Era, that i like this new one… Of course, Morning Musume will survive. New fans comes, others goes.

  11. i’m quiting, there just aren’t any members left that i find interesting. i’ll probably still watch their videos on youtube but i won’t be going to anymore concerts after budoukan.

    maybe i can buy a house now .

  12. my first comment here… I love this site XD
    I am a Reina wota since her debut, and I think I will be sticking with her till the end of the world :x
    In momusu, my post-reina oshis are daishi and eripon.

  13. I’ve just been moving from girl to girl as the years go by. Nacchi, then Konno, then Reina. Now…Maa.

    Course, it’s not like I only like one of the girls. Like Mizuki, Kuu, and Haruna.

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