15 comments on “Fukumura-chan has lived a life of immense hardship for being left-handed

  1. Thanks for the translations ^_^

    They say left handed people tend to be more creative.

    Some Japanese people who might naturally be left handed never learn that they are because they are made to use their right hand by their parents from the very start especially since writing in Japanese is made for right handed people. The conformist culture in Japan I think does make being left handed inconvenient.

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  3. I’m a righty but I can only eat, paint, wash dishes pull and push doors with my left. Also when I spar I take a left sided stance. Their is a lot I do with my left, just can’t remember them all know.

  4. Never underestimate the ability of wotadom to insert boob comments into just about any subject.

  5. I’m pretty hopeless fan too, first of all, I didn’t know that M & M were lefties, and I didn’t even know that Miss M’s chestpieces were huge, a huge topic I mean :)

  6. Oh c’mon people. Don’t tell me that NONE of you knew that left-handed girls have huge boobs???!!! If anything is common knowledge than this is! So no surprise that this biological fact ended up in the thread.

  7. What I’ve noticed from my left-handed classmates are that most of them have really nice penmanship, even the guys.

  8. I’m left-handed, but I kind of took a lot of time to notice how the world is made for for people right-handed. It took me years to discover that it is possible to change the configurations of the mouse to use it with the left had, but by then I was already accustomed to use it with my right hand. I only discovered there are scissors and rulers for left-handed people a few years ago, too. I only noticed that there are school desks for lefties (when the table is half) when I saw one classmate asking for one. Before, I just adapted to the world without even noticing the differences lol Nowadays I do a lot of thing with my right hand, although I definitely can’t write, eat or draw with it. So I don’t understand Fuku-chan’s hardships XD

  9. i’m almost same as fuku-chan ^^;
    im left-handed and i draw. i’m not entirely sure if i’m creative, if im not messy with crayons and pastels the last time in highschool… and yes, i’m known for my boobs. so maybe, it might be true…

    other than that, momo is my first idol
    i’m pretty much exclusively harupro fan
    and i love kamei eri, but since she’s now out of the picture, i’m drawn to sayu and likes 6thgen in general :)

    any scientific explanations for the similarities lol

  10. Lefty here.

    I’ve yet to have any significant difficulty. The only thing I can think of is bumping elbows while eating, and that’s exceptionally easy to fix; just make sure you get a seat on the leftward outside corner at the table.

  11. I’m lefty too! I understand her perfectly, now I feel more related to her weee!
    I didn’t know people believe lefties has big boobs… I have big boobs but it’s because I’m latina and living in China people notice my chest more, compared to Chinese girls that has very small boobs. But if I’m in Colombia I’m just average… hoho

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