6 comments on “Sayashi Riho’s bathing picture is here━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!!

  1. Gross…. she’s 14 years old, god damn it.

    FYI to all your poor, virginal wotas out there, girls don’t always have pubic hair at 14 years old. Stupid idiots.

    • You might want to translate that in Japanese and post it in 2chan since this is just a translation of a thread there. Really you should. I’m very excited to find out what they’ll say to “that foreigner who called them stupid idiots”.

  2. ^ ummmm yes they do. Unless you hit puberty late. Most girls have hit that point by 12.

  3. I like how Erica prefaces her ridiculously false information with an ad hominem and follows it up with a redundant statement wrapped in irony. That’s impressive.

    I won’t stoop so low as to attack your character to make my point appear more valid, but you should understand that not everyone who has a differing opinion than yours is wrong. I’m not sure how seeing pubic hairs, regardless of age or gender of the owner, can be sexually gratifying to a person, but it is not my job, nor is it yours, to call someone gross because of what arouses them.

    The average age of the current lineup is 16. When Reina graduates it will be 15. We’re not exactly idolizing grown women. I’m wondering how you could possibly be shocked by wota’s talking about Riho in a sexual manner in the first place. Do you think UFP dresses them up in revealing clothing, has them pose and dance provocatively in tiny bikini’s for men not to get sexually excited, so that they consume more of their products? I mean have you seen Kudo’s photobook? People can defend it all they want, but it’s softcore child pornography. So, how you’re shocked by those comments made by fans of a group, geared towards people that enjoy watching teens/pre-teens prance around in their knickers, I have no idea.

    All in all, there’s an ancient Chinese proverb that sums up my opinion on the matter quite well. I believe it is, “If there’s grass on the field; Play ball”.

    Also, remember to pick up a copy of “Metal Gear Solid V” for the Playstation 4 and 3, coming to the US, Japan and Europe in 2014.

    • That comment is a gift of god. Thanks a lot Kojima-san.

      PS: I’ll buy that game.

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