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1: 【中国電 – %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2017/04/01(土) 23:46:16.40 Source: Young Town. Kudo Haruka: “I still like the smell of my dad’s pillow. I was always a daddy’s girl.“ Sanma: “Your brain will eventually come to dislike it so it doesn’t devolve into incest.“ 2: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/04/01(土) 23:46:40.72 Haru-chaaaaaaaaaaaan! 10: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/04/01(土) 23:52:34.57 I […]

1: 【中国電 – %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2017/03/11(土) 22:28:13.67 Source: Young Town. ENDLESS SKY @ENDLESSKY0 2017/03/11 22:27 Fuku-chan’s first time trying alcohol was when his father offered her some sake. She said it gave her throat a burning sensation and she wasn’t a fan. Her mother offered her some white wine, saying it was easier to […]

The conflict over Kaga Kaede is getting intense! 1: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/12/31(土) 10:29:02.51 Apparently so. Involved in it are girls like Yamagishi, Yokoyama, Hirose, and several others. 7: 【中国電 86.0 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2016/12/31(土) 10:31:00.00 You can also add Ono Mizuho and Kanatsu Mizuki to that list. 8: 【中国電 86.0 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2016/12/31(土) 10:31:14.28 […]

1: 【中国電 – %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2017/01/28(土) 21:09:33.12 @sasasayu_min Hello! Con Fukuoka Tsugunaga: “Our great senior, Nakazawa-san, came to see our performance today. I thought it might’ve been because today is the anniversary of Morning Musume’s debut, but she said: “no, I came because it’s your final Hello! Con tour.” And she said those words […]

1: 【中国電 86.0 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2016/11/07(月) 06:31:50.31 @Kagoc_han_des Ayapan, after having done her gorilla impression: Ayapan: “I know I’m going to lose fans for doing this stuff…” Tagucchi: “Don’t worry. Your fans aren’t fans of you because of your face.“ Ayapan: “You realize you’re totally dissing me by saying that, right?!“ #kobushi_factory 7: 名無し募集中。。。 […]

1: 【中国電 66.2 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2016/04/17(日) 00:45:27.76 Iikubo Haruna I shared a hotel room with Ayumin (Ishida Ayumi) and she didn’t speak a single word to me throughout our stay. She just completely stops talking when she’s serious. Sato Masaki Oh, I thought she only did that with me. I thought she hated me. […]