6 comments on “Kawamura Ayano: “There were many fans with cold hands at today’s handshake event. Please use my hands as heaters!”

  1. The latest individual handshake event I went to was right after Ayacho’s graduation and I was using it as a gauge to see who my post-Ayacho favorite in the group would be.

    I expected Kamiko to run away with it, but Kawamuu cast a spell on me when I went to her booth. It was like I was shot through the heart.

    The second time I went to her booth, I told her that I just decided she would be my new favorite.
    Hearing that, she *jumped* excitedly.
    This girl is so damned endearing, I couldn’t stand it.

    Before that event, she was in a middling rank in H!P for me.
    Afterward, she shot right up to #2.

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