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  1. Goto Maki has had countless photobooks, her last one had her wearing exactly zero articles of clothing and still that damn mourning dress keeps getting brought up….

  2. Uhm… Sorry but this was disgusting. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it’s disgusting.

    • I take it either you’re female or a homosexual male and I in no way mean that in any derogatory way.

      • The majority of the members they’re talking about are minors .w. It’s disgusting.

          • That doesn’t mean if said 13 year old did it with a man the age of majority, the man wouldn’t get punished.

            For example Hashimoto Ai, an idol actress, was dating a 21 year old (before dating a 31 year old), her wota fans raged on 2ch saying her boyfriend was “vile” for dating a minor. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

          • I’m not taking one side or the other on this, but would rather see that facts are properly laid out and understood.

            National law code puts the age of consent at 13, however all municipalities/prefectures can and do set their own legal limits and laws related to sexual activity. Last time I checked the consenting age in Tokyo under the Youth Protection Law was 18.

          • “For example Hashimoto Ai, an idol actress, was dating a 21 year old (before dating a 31 year old), her wota fans raged on 2ch saying her boyfriend was “vile” for dating a minor. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.”

            …you DO know that those wota were only playing the “age difference” card because it was convenient, right? Those wota would have DONE THE EXACT SAME THING as the guy that dated Hashimoto…they’re only on their high horses because they’re jealous of the situation that guy was in. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • It is disgusting that grown men think of having sex with 14 and 15 year olds. And what’s worse is thinking it’s ok because “that’s the age of consent in Japan”. A 13 year old is a 13 year old regardless of the country and shouldn’t be having sex period, let alone with a guy old enough to be her father. All the thumbs downs you got just shows how many closet pedos there are. Eh, it’s always been something I knew just not something I like put in my face. I get hit on by older guys all the time who, oddly enough, when they find out I’m 20 and not 15, don’t want to talk to me anymore. Disgusting and an ugly truth but it’s definitely something that comes with being a J-idol fan.

      • i said the same thing ages ago but they are all getting so defensive.

        In the end i would like to know how those men would feel like, if Kudo was their daughter and 30+ year old men are fantasising about having sex with said minor.

        Fap away… but please lets keep it 18+

        everything else would make you some sort of pedophile

  3. This turned out about the way I would have expected.

    Personally, I don’t think lewd thoughts about H!P members. I do however appreciate their beauty.

    > Being a fan of H!P exclusively and yet purely out of courtesy turning to other idols’ material when it comes time for some hand to gland combat? If that isn’t one of the most endearing yet twisted ways of trying to be an honorable gentleman, I don’t know what is.

    I actually once considered if this might be a way for me to find a use for AKB’s existance. However, it remained but a thought experiment.

  4. I may have lifted several H!P names for an 80000 word erotic book I wrote, that’s where the similarities stop though. Honestly. *whistles innocently*

  5. Is it bad to be a Eripon oshi and fap to Sayu?
    Beacuse 2henever I see Michishige The shaking won’t stop.

  6. I’m one of the few who absolutely can’t fap to anyone in H!P…must be due to how long I’ve followed them all, especially H!P Kids (Berryz & C-ute obviously). I’m content with watching them grow up and succeed…there’s nothing overly sexual there to distract me LOL

    Initially, I had the same mentality as the other “purist” H!P fans…as in, to keep H!P members on a pedestal and just use akekasu or gravure models for use as “masturbatory aids”, as the Japanese like to call them LOL.

    However, that all failed when I realized I can’t bring myself to even think about defiling an idol, no matter what group they’re from. They do their best to perform and entertain all these nasty guys and yet all they receive is creepy shit like what’s mentioned in this thread.

    Yeah, you should feel guilty about jerking to them. You should feel far worse than that considering it’s these girls’ dream to shine on the stage and become a role model for other girls world-wide. It’s NOT their dream to have all the filthy, smelly wota world-wide using their photos to pleasure themselves in some dark corner of the Earth (read: mom’s basement). Simply disgusting and shameless.

    The old excuse “oh but everyone faps” is bullshit, too. Just because you CAN doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD. I could go jam this fork in an electrical outlet, but that doesn’t mean it’d be a good idea to do so. I really hope these assholes don’t show up at handshake events and creep the poor girls out…

    Anyways, as I was saying, I tired using akekasu but that was to no avail. Be it H!P, AKB, Momoclo, Fairies, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Ebichu, Nogizaka, Perfume, etc. etc., I outright cannot and will not use them as “fap material”. There are chicks who ACTUALLY have that kind of stuff as their jobs, so they serve the role more efficiently: AV actors, gravure models…

    Honestly, though, I expected this thread to be as disgusting as it was. Wotas gonna wote…

    • Pretty much agreed, though…

      > gravure models…
      After watching Dan Mitsu get along with Momo on variety shows, it felt kind of strange…

    • I fap to AV actors, Gravure models, and Idols, which ever is suiting my mood at the time. Though my love of Idols has zero to do with them being fap material I love them, cause their cute and their personalities. How ever any girl if find attractive is potential fap material. Whether i know her in real life, she’s an actor in a movie, member of a singing group, in a porno, or even a cartoon character. That definitely includes idols.

  7. I’ve never fapped to any of the girls, even my favorite, Kamei. I’m not into HP for that, I like the music, the performances, and the cheering on of the girls to become better.

  8. I dare to nominate this post as the best post of the year for this blog!

    Never cross in my mind that gaijins did “that” too, wwwwwwwww

  9. Haha, this thread is gross but extremely funny… No never even considered fapping to an idol especially one from H!P… Even though i have wallpapers of Kamei Sama on my computer and web browsers thats just a line i cant cross, the shame would eat me alive cause she’s a goddess and knows what all her worshippers do at all times :) lol

    Henkka though, you are toooo funny… That comment is ridiculous but has some merits of truth lmao

  10. i almost did that to Manoeri and Kame, but suddenly i stop it before it come.
    is that count?

  11. When one faps, one doesn’t want the imagined young lady to be TOO impossible. And what’s more impossible than a young lady who lives on the other side of the world that one can’t hold a conversation with? No, for me when it comes to Idols it’s all about the cuteness and not about any present sexiness. Except subliminally which if seen clearly could turn that last assertion on it’s head…I suppose.

  12. >> People who are able to fap to Zukki are some real soldiers.

    I LOL’D

    Once I’ve fantasized about Daiishi and Ikuta being my two wives… But since 16 is the age of consent in my country, I didn’t feel too guilty.

  13. I definitely do it, but not very often its too PVs, like Berrz Koubou Want, which is their only one, C-ute has a few with Kiss me, Crazy, and Aitai Aitai Aitai. S/mileage is Koi no Booing boo, Atashi Watashi ni Nara, and Ee Ka, none for J=J or MM. As for dvds, its been Fujimoto, Ai-chan, Reina,Eri,Sayu,Gaki,Mitsui, Riho, Fuku-chan, All of Berryz, All of C-ute, only Yuuka from s/mileage and none of J=J yet. Though Karins dvd will probably be the next one, then Meimei when that one comes out. I used to feel guilty about underaged members, but i let go of that a long time ago. The only person i’m hurting is myself if i limit my own fantasies.

  14. Copy-pasting ’cause I agree so much:

    “259: 名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止 2014/03/11(火) 17:35:55.42 0
    Well, everyone’s free to fap or not fap to whatever they want. It’s not like you’re causing anyone ever trouble. But if at a handshake event or something you ever say to any of them that you fapped to them, I’m going to dropkick you.”

    Though I can’t help but to feel disgusted when people fap to minors D: Maybe there’s a “forbidden fruit”-feeling that eggs them on…

  15. I’d rather fap to an idol to which I have established an admittedly one-sided emotional connection than some porn actress whose body has actually been exploited.

  16. I sometimes fap to Fukuchan and Riho, they not only have great bodies, but are really pretty as well

  17. Damn, I really had my hopes no one would name Maachan on the list, It’s like fapping to your own daughter x_x

  18. On the other hand (get it?) it’s an interesting ranking opportunity. If I WAS to do it who would be my top ten member (get it?) choices for the deed?

    10 Mai-mai
    09 Captain
    08 Ariyasu Momoka
    07 Fukuda Kanon
    06 Aarin
    05 KaaannaaaaakoooooOOOh!
    04 Miya
    03 Mikitty
    02 Sayumin
    01 Mayuyu

    Honorable mention for YUIMETAL. Damn, I’m funny.

    • I knew I should have taken longer to make that list. Nakky belongs at 02. (Sorry Sayu). Reina belongs at 04. Mai-mai and Captain are bumped off the list.

  19. 520

    “10 years ago, just once to Yasuda.
    That was my first and last fap to a H!P member.”

    Well, no WONDER! That would scare me off forever too!

  20. 55

    “I’m curious: if any of you guys fap to Sato, please explain what exactly you fantasize about when you’re doing so.”

    She keeps saying things like “Awww poor choo-choo train it can’t go through the tunnel but it keeps trying again and again” or “OH! Just like a Popsicle huh?” all the while laughing hysterically.

  21. 21

    “You really become unable to do so as time goes on. I’ve never been to a handshake event but if I had, it’d make me even more unable to do so. I’d be too afraid to look them in the eye.”

    Well OF COURSE! It’s a HANDshake event afterall.

    But I’m glad nobody asked a revoltingly obvious question concerning handshake events.

  22. 35

    “I’ve fapped to everyone aside from Maasa, Zukki, Sato and Tamura.”

    He doesn’t like them fat or overwhelmingly cute.

    So why doesn’t he exclude Fukuda Kanon, Karin, or Mai-mai?

  23. 50

    “People who are able to fap to Zukki are some real soldiers.”

    Aww, come on. That extra weight has resulted in some bodacious ta-tas.
    And besides she’s not fat, she’s plump. We know because she said so. Sheesh!

  24. 72

    “I want to conquer all of Berryz but Captain is proving to be a huge obstacle.”

    It’s your unconscious awareness that sex with a grown man would obviously kill her.
    Even if the man is from that part of the world. I hope that’s a light enough touch.

  25. 145

    “I fap to Momoko three times a week. I get immense feelings of guilt though so I want to stop, but I just can’t help myself. It’s Momoko’s fault for having such a voluptuous body…”

    Is that hair gel? Let me have some. These pigtails are gettin’ kinda loose.

    • i can’t into momo. it makes me feel like i’m having sex with a midget man dressed up as a middle-aged woman!

  26. 162

    “It’s not like I decided I’d never fap to them, but since I really like huge breasts there’s no girl in there who fits my sexual preference.”

    Not even Fuku-chan, Zukki, or Kikka? When you say huge, you must really mean HUGE!

  27. 200

    “Who cares who or what anyone faps to. [?]”

    You mean like pandas? Hey! there’s a thought. (threesome!)
    But if you fap to Sakura, I’ll kill you.

  28. 234

    “I fap to H!P members exclusively.”

    Such loyalty. I’m sure we can all agree, there’s a man worthy of our respect.

  29. 81

    “I’ve done it to all of Berikyuu.”

    Liar, liar, pants on fi…Oh YOU MEAN FAPPED to all of them, well, ok then.

  30. 335

    “Nothing but perverts in this thread. Does this mean that the guys who go to the handshake events are all doing it? That makes me scared.”

    C’mon Daaishi, you’re gonna have to get used to this.

  31. ow man this is a hard topic…
    so wrong yet so …. understandable….
    I wont say anything with the people faping to loli… each people have their own taste and preferences

    and I agree with 310, nothing wrong with fap
    but just…keep everything inside will ya…
    no problem as long no one know

  32. At some point in the past, I did drop some nut for Sayu, but that was before I was aware that H!P was even a thing. I was just poking around a forum someplace (I honestl ghost dont remember the name of the site) and a stray bikini shot came up. Since then, every musume and eventually all of H!P, has become sacred.
    I cant even remember the last time any sexual thought lingered in my mind. That feeling basically passes away on its own now.

    Although, I have to say Kanatomo has been givimg me looks for a while now, and im not sure how i feel about it yet.

    • I dont know why “ghost” is in there. Im on mobile and it likes to put in its own words sometimes.

  33. Guys I actually saw Momochi Cosplay Porn once. Since I’m a Momochi-oshi, I thought it would be good…but….I suddenly got guilty, since then I stopped watching porn.

  34. I cannot find myself fapping to any H!P member cuz im gay. That Tsunku though, have you seen him shirtless? Dayum. Yah. Tsunku > girl in H!P to fap too.

  35. I’d just like to remind everyone that masturbating while thinking about a minor makes you as much a criminal or child molester as thinking about killing someone makes you a murderer.

    Very disappointing to see so many people in the comments accusing others of “thought crime”.

    • Eventhough I didnt not fab to H!P member but I do thought of nuke this world for a couple of time
      Does this make me equal to America?

      If thought is count as guilty, we have to built notthing but prison, coz it will never be enough.

  36. The first H!P idol I’ve fapped to is Mizuki Fukumura. That was right after her first PB was released. I printed out the most suggestive of her sexy photos (in her skimpiest outfits and swimsuits) on the PB using my laser colour printer, put them in a clear plastic cover and lick and slobber all over her breasts and body while rubbing my dick against a warm heated bolster (all the while imagining it to be Mizuki’s pussy and I was having sex with Mizuki). When I finally ejaculated half and hour later, I dumped my semen on her photo (protected by the plastic cover). When that happened, I cried “Gomen ne, Mizuki-chan…Gomen, ne”, suddenly overcome after with feelings of guilt and remorse that I’ve done such a reprehensible and disgusting thing to a 17 year old girl, while cleaning my semen off the plastic cover. After that, I went on to do the same while watching Kikka’s DVDs, although having no such guilt afterwards. I know it’s wrong to do it to Mizuki, but God, I REALLY can’t help it…it’s her fault for having such a jailbait body.

    • I really understand your feelings….
      as a man, we always have that beast who lusting to fap
      we never want to fap to our precious idol but some times we got turned on and fap
      most likely we just horny at that time and for some reason some PB and pic shows up and awaken that beast inside us
      usually we can suppress that beast because our pure feeling for our idol but we can’t always win and occasionally we lost
      after that guilt and regret comes
      it’s kinda like mind vs feelings
      mind = don’t fap she’s your precious idol , feelings = fuck it, I’m horny and I wanna fap
      usually mind always right but feelings always win

  37. This thread gives new meaning to something you hear in a lot of idol videos.
    It goes something like this: “oi! oi! oi! oi!”

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