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    Looking back now, ’14 really was the best time. In many ways, I wonder how it would’ve been different had they kept going with those members until like 2016 or so…

    I agree. The aura of MM14 is just something else.

    • I was watching the other of past concerts and saw MM14 concerts leading up to Sayu’s graduation and woooooow! They look so amazing and every move they make seems so inspired and proud.

      Current MM are really good and proffesional but they need little more personality like that of MM14.

  2. “Back in late 2014 when Tsunku stopped being the exclusive producer, songs like “Susukino,” “Chikyuu wa Kyou mo,” and “TIKI BUN” all got an awful reception from the wota.”

    I get that from TIKI BUN because that was around the time the Tsunku-Okubo Kaori-EDM-Combo has already become stale, but Aa Susukino/Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu was actually my favourite S/mileage single. Of course ANGERME had more punch, and cute early S/m was more popular with the wota, but the memory of the single mentioned above is so bittersweet in that it really wasn’t half as bad as people made it look.

    That being said,
    it’s sad that Tsunku thinks that way. To be fair, now there’s 4 generations of girls in MM that he didn’t pick. In fact, he rejected many of them (though to be fair, most of them probably because they weren’t ready yet; I’m talking about Maria, Akane, Kaede, Chisaki). He probably has no connection to them anymore.

  3. This is truly sad. With his role already having been reduced to “sound producer”, and with no way of knowing whether he meant this literally or not, this might mean no more Tsunku music–at least through the group he invented.

    H!P would not have existed without Morning Musume, and Morning Musume would not have existed without Tsunku. How anyone could forget that…

  4. Member choices in H!P now make absolutely no sense and have little regard for the groups themselves. The character and image of some groups have totally changed because of this recklessness.

    Saying Momusu was picked around Sayashi is a bit ridiculous, the members were picked around each other, and it felt much more cohesive and dynamic. Nowadays girls get extra stressed and moved around because a new girl comes in with a similar look, character, or voice and it throws everything off. (Maho/Momona and Sayuki/Ruru for example.)

    I don’t like so much of Tsunku’s music now, most of MM’s is straight up boring, but I miss his eye for members and respect for groups.

    • Sayuki and Ruru are nothing alike, though. Not in looks, not in personality, and not in singing. Oh, they’re both great singers, but they have completely different voices, and completely different deliveries.

  5. “They pick new members because they happen to look like Michishige, or to reward someone because they had been a member of the Kenshuusei for a long time, or because some group would become inactive with no new members… They’re all strictly business-related decisions.”

    Yep. This is why H!P was so unique, they had an actual rockstar as their producer and giving input on new member additions. Of course his role in picking members by himself was scaled back by the time 5th generation came around, but his opinion makes the difference. 12-15th Gen aren’t bad members, but they do seem like suits trying to cater to wota instead of thinking how they would add to or even change the group.

  6. 16: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/06/30(日) 11:30:58.22 0.net
    So even Tsunku draws a line between pre and post-12th gen Morning Musume…

    Yeah, while I like the 12th gen girls and beyond I feel like they’re a bit different than the 1st – 11th gen. The older gens were selected with more of an emphasis on personality, character and talent (hidden and obvious).. He choose girls that would fit the dynamic of the group or bring something its lacking. Nowadays the girls seem to be chosen more on politics, who can the Agency make money off of, which girls would the fans be more willing to support, or which girl has been a trainee for a bit too long. I still like the newer girls, Yokoyan is one of my favorites among the group, but they’re still a different type of idol than the older gens

    Not gonna bring up the music too much cause everyone can tell the difference in quality between Tsunku and Non Tsunku songs cause in the end I still like the new songs for the most part

  7. I feel just like that comment, people tend to romantizize 2014 a lot now…I for one remember the anger towards Riho only focused songs, repetitive sounds, lack of lines for other members, lack of opportunities for other members, and overall limited performance experience.
    Honestly during that time, all I could keep thinking about was how when Sayumi left how could they go on, if their only good singer was Sakura with minimal lines for Mizuki and the other members…. and of course Riho constantly breaking her voice. There wasn’t enough singing, and there wasn’t enough dancing. They did a lil bit of everything but stood out in nothing.

    Honestly, I was so impressed when I saw 2017’s performances. I took a break just before Riho’s graduation and it was like all of those posibilities started to slowly open. Everyone got a chance to sing, dance or stand out in some way to some level. No more “absolute center” bull*. And this is coming from someone who is not a fan of any particular member.

    But then, its like they’ve started going back to the past with Riho, Ai…etc. Maybe a big graduation is was it takes.

    • Agreed. There was a fire to MM in Houston that they didn’t have the previous year. Riho was so far ahead of the pack that it disheartened them, but suddenly the actual possibility of competing for center got them energized again.
      I don’t think a Riho-led MM would have been able to go as far with Rock in Japan.
      (This isn’t a knock on Riho, more of dubious management decisions putting all of the weight on her had already kind of borked the group a little.)

      Now, we do see another version of that dynamic now, where 9th-11th are so far ahead of 12th+, that you can see the latter gens being a little disheartened. So while fans will moan their inevitable graduations, I think it’ll be good for the group, let them reinvent themselves again. But in 2016, 12th gen are also still fired up with the possibilities.

      I saw MM in both 2014 and 2016, but I didn’t get back into actively following them until the latter. MM14 was the Sayu-and-Riho show, so I never felt the real need to get to know the other members. MM16 had me hunting down clips for every member.

  8. This is why I’m still bitter after all these years that the 9th-11th gen never got a single with just them after Sayumi graduated. They were immediately put together with 12th gen, so we would never get to see the true potential of “colorful era”.

    We never got to see the MM that Tsunku wanted T_T

    Like don’t get me wrong I love the 12th gen now but they were so not ready at the time and could’ve waited till the next single… (that way we wouldn’t have had such a long break between singles as well)

  9. Just watched a H!P concert after a few years, and surprisingly momosu is the one group I wish wasnt in the concert cause they have no soul, no energy, and such bad singing.
    Juice=Juice sang a momosu song and made momosu look like preschoolers performing in front of their parents.

  10. I think a lot of people are still annoyed that Morning Musume is still the most popular group in Hp, and this makes them think that they’re so bad at performing that they don’t deserve it. The truth is this group is always evolving with the times, new members joining and old members leaving. If you really take the time to look beyond the few performances you hate, you can see how skilled they are. But a lot of those fans can’t even watch a few performances before going into a rant lol. Its interesting that a lot of those members of other groups originally wanted to be members of mm. Some of them actually got pretty far in the auditions, so its funny to see how angry some people are when they would be hyping mm if they fav were there pff

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