8 comments on “Ogata Risa: “I don’t have that much love experience.”

  1. Maybe she is in love with a german guy, that’s why she is trying to learn german by herself.

  2. Well, of course she might have had a boyfriend in the past, just like any other idol. But I couldn’t see it in her statement when I read it at first. I don’t have any love experience, and if I was talking with a normie, I would say the same thing she said, just, like an anon said, to not look like a weirdo. Also, if she had any real experience, I don’t think she would need to imagine it before sing a song or film a MV.

  3. Was there ever any mention that KSS were discouraged having boyfriends tho?

    Like, they have a ton more leniency compared to H!P’s contracted idols. And since they don’t even have an actual Dating Ban (they like the appearance of having one but rarely enforce it), it’d be quite absurd to actually demand that of their mostly-unknown trainees

  4. Number 20 is right lmao

    Although this reminds me of I think Akai Nikkichou? One of the members started crying while filming the MV, I don’t remember if that was because she was (probably) supposed to or the lyrics got to her.

    Either way, when I was really young H!P love songs made me emotional even though I had no love experience. It’s kinda a silly question to me, sad love songs make people sad regardless, but definitely a wota bait question.

    • Nakazawa Yuko is who you’re thinking of. If I recall she just said they were so beautiful she just started crying. They actually used some of that footage in the real MV of her trying to stop her tears, lmao

  5. Those deliberate ambiguous statements are just evidence that Sayu trained her girls very well.

  6. 34: 名無し募集中。。。 2018/02/19(月) 20:04:31.63 0.net
    It’s not that she’s saying she actually has any experience.
    Why are you guys making such a big deal out of this?

    Agreed with the last part but still the first part is indirectly making a big deal about it too since it sounds like “relax, she doesn’t actually have any so it’s ok”. Ugh, what the hell with all these middle aged men obsessing over the feelings of someone much younger than them (or anyone, period).

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