10 comments on “Tsunku♂ Love Theory: “The Clingy Woman”

  1. Thanks for translating this. :)

    I have to say I was looking forward to reading about which girl in Morning Musume was clingy, but this chapter didn’t mention any of the girls. :D

    • Yeah, not all of the chapters are specifically focused on just one member. But to make up for it, in an upcoming chapter about “stupid girls” he talks about every single member individually and how the label might apply to them. (Doing so very lovingly, of course.)

    • I’ll bet Maa-chan is the most clingy girl ever to be in Morning Musume. Had she been around back when this was written, maybe she would have been mentioned.

      • How you define “most clingy girl” would play into who would be considered the most clingy. Maachan definitely is clingy and I’d consider her the “most” clingy, if it were based off how many different girls she clings too.

        I might rank Chiichan (Morito) to be clingier, based off how clingy she is to Akane. She doesn’t cling to as many different girls, but the ones she does cling to, she clings to in a much closer way.

  2. Tsunku is so old-fashioned, he’s so dearly cute!
    Nowadays, sometimes, it’s the men who get clingy and the girls who act cool and proper. I definitely get that kind of embarrassed “kinda-liking-it-but-stop” feeling Tsunku describes. It’s nice and heartwarming when someone you like fawns over you, but like, so uncool!

  3. Speaking of Tsunku♂️, how come is there an existing Tsunku cover of “one and only” if he lost his voice back in 2014?

    • There is a cover on a Youtube channel called TSUNKU_LOVE. This person isn’t Tsunku. He’s just a fan with a good voice. Is this the one you’re talking about?

      • I see. Although I am not unsure of the channel name, I am thanking you for your answer.

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