11 comments on “Tsunku♂ buys house in Hawaii, emigrates with family

  1. Welcome back Henkka!!
    That’s a good decision from Tsunku-san, he just enjoy his life with entire family, especially getaway from “wota-madness”

  2. And in related news, Coconuts Musume is being reformed. They will be changing their name to Coconut Girls and Hotzmic will be a member. Please wait for further updates as to who will be the Playing Manager.

  3. I’m always relieved to hear something about Tsunku-san… I want him and his family to be happy! and Hawaii is the perfect location to be happy ^^ thank you Henkka for sharing!

  4. OK, not wanting to sound too negative here but… Hawaii is a fantastic place… to go on vacation. If Tsunku really wants his kids to become global, London, NYC or LA would be way more appropriate. Paradise is only fun for a few days. Then it gets frustratingly boring. Especially after you become a teenager.
    (And I know what I’m talking about, I too come from a gorgeous place. I couldn’t wait to finally turn 18 and get the hell out of there. Now I enjoy going back on vacation to visit my family. But thank God I don’t live there anymore).
    That said, best of luck to Tsunku and his family.

    • I guess the advantage is that the kids can learn English easier on Hawaii than in Japan. Maybe they’ll go to NYC and the like later in life to study stuff.

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