24 comments on “Wada Ayacho fails miserably at using Twitter

    • Because she calls herself Maro on her blog, and her last birthday T-shirt was with the phrase marotesque.

    • It’s another word for I/me, like watashi or boku, but an old one not in common use. Not sure why, but she started using it for herself. Once it was clear it was a word referring to her she then went on to make variations like Marotesque.

  1. Ahaha, so it was a sharp sign. I remember seeing that and wondering if it was just another instance of a character looking a bit different in a Japanese font, like ! ? vs !?

  2. I always saw Mark as another Aibon until I found out how behaved she is compared to Aibon LOL I guess she just looks like her.

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  4. So i guess i’ll be the immature one first and point out how much i laughed at the picture of Maro at 49… Definitely the funniest thing i seen all day

  5. i’m pretty sure that counts as torture Henkka lol… Ayacho would probably die before she even figures out what each part is let alone figure out where they’re sposed to go and plug into

  6. Awww, bless her <3

    One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do is get my mum to understand what a hashtag is lol

  7. Since I don’t care if anyone reads my tweets I have switched to ♯.


  8. I’ve nearly eliminated my use of hashtags altogether when failbook started to adopt them.


  9. >10 Ahahaha. Poor Ayacho.
    >87 Oh dear… I like Kanon a lot but I love those “go to sleep already, Maro” comments x’D I love when wota bully her somehow… Just because of the lolz.

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