6 comments on “If Berryz Koubou was level 99 & Things likely to be found on Berryz Koubou’s computers

  1. at lvl 99 Captain Saki would become captain (prime minister) of japan and Yurushite Nyan Taisou would be adopted as its national anthem

  2. at lvl 99 Risako’s hair color would naturally change colors every week by itself

    • How about if her hair gradually cycled through the entire rainbow of colors, constantly throughout the day?

      I used to have a fiber-optic Christmas tree like that. It could definitely be done with hair extensions and a battery pack ^_^ Make this happen, HelloPro!

  3. At level 99 Maasa would be the winner of wrestling and boxing every year even without holding a competition.

  4. Somehow, I got stuck pondering the colors of their socks in the first picture for a while. And Miyabi’s lack of socks, at that. Momochi is the only one with a light color, while Kumai and Tokunaga have darker ones. The color always matches whatever color accent they wear on the upper part of their outfits, except in the case of Miyabi’s missing socks.

    Why am I thinking about this?

    > Risako: “I didn’t do anything. It just broke.“

    Aaah, not this!

    Not many guesses about Momochi’s PC. She’s kind of hard to read, huh?

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