22 comments on “Which Hello! Project member would you like to have slap you in the face?

  1. Momochi. She’s always the one being attacked so I think I it’d be interesting if she attacked back with something other than ‘Momo-attack’ or ‘pinky-drill’. I’d take the hit as long as someone records it so I can watch it later.

  2. instead of a handshake event, they should have a bitchslap event. I have a feeling that would be really popular.

    • Great idea! I’m sure the girls would enjoy every second of it. Let’s suggest it to Tsunku (after all, he oked Sayu’s pillow, he seems to be getting more open to outrageous ideas)

    • That’d be the one event where being supremely ugly would actually put you at an advantage over the more agreeable looking people, getting you the more vicious slaps.

  3. Is it a sexual reference I didn’t get? Why would I like to be slapped? In the face it’ll hurt even if it’s from a girl.

    • Some people enjoy getting slapped/pain. Some people rather get to meet a member while getting slapped than not getting to meet them at all. Some people do a thought experiment and participate with the idea “who do I rather get slapped by”. Some are interested in seeing their member of choice slapping someone and are willing to take it for the group of people who would like to see it…

      • Considering that I got more downvotes than upvotes… Did I forget something common or do people not agree that people might like one of these points?

  4. hmm… what about butt slapping?

    for OG: rika, ayaya, linlin, ai-butt, older-eri, koha, aibon, goto, nacchi

    current: maa-chan, nacky, miya-butt, airi, older kanon, gorilla-chan, zukki, fuku-boo, akari

  5. “Henkka: Gonna go for Take-chan on this one. I don’t have time for games.” lol, that is too funny but i can understand the logic on this one…

    As for me, im a Eripon Oshi but she may be too strong and knock a tooth out so i’ll go with Maachan cause it would be too cute to see her laugh and smile brightly while slapping me, u cant even get mad at her and prolly start giggling with her too

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