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  1. Since Morning Musume died on December last year, Michishige Sayumi never graduated from Momusu, but that group that replaced it in H!P.
    (Momusu’s music died long before though).

      • I wrote what I think and see about this topic, I didn’t even use bad words, and you insult me?
        I wouldn’t care about someone who insults me anonymously, but looking at how many others vote you up I can assume that’s the kind of fandom Hello! Project has right now.

        • Hey sometimes it hurts to have opinion real world or not. Not that I agree with anything you said earlier, in fact I don’t, but yeah people can suck.

        • You can have an opinion.
          That opinion can also be wrong.
          You were wrong.
          And an asshole.

        • Looking at how many downvotes you got, I’d say you chose your words poorly to reflect your opinion, even if its a valid opinion. There’s nothing wrong with saying that you lost your interest or your interest “died”. But saying the group died is pretty much being disrespectful to the members who are still striving in the group, and to the fans whose lives are still being brightened by these girls and H!P’s music. Changing a few words here and there goes a long way to people not jumping to conclusions and painting yourself in a negative light.

          But then again, this is the internet, and who am I to expect others to have any consideration for anyone else?

      • Since they hardly get that #1 before they changed their music, yes, that means what I said (it’s not my opinion) is right.
        People can like what they want, I wont judge anyone for liking the new MM14, I’m happy for them, but the old style of Morning Musume music is dead since some years ago.

        • Morning Musume (or Tsunku)’s music, rather say that it ‘die’, I would say it ever changing. ‘Ai no tane’ is way different from ‘Love machine’, which is also way different from ‘Nanchatte Renai’. The current musics are just different.

          So you were right, their music style keep dying? (changing). But it is not even a problem. And some people are just hard to move on, just like an old man.

        • you made an idiotic argument of course every group needs to evolve in order to do better, like for example in business what you practiced that was effectiove in the 70’s wont necessarily work if you do it now, same with momusu definitely their music in the 99-01 era wont necessarily work now so it is natural that they would change their approach.

      • I’m sorry but getting #1’s on the Oricon doesn’t mean anything it just means popularity in sells or whatever that makes something mainstream there was good or they were lucky. There are a lot of good artists/music that don’t get recognized or aren’t as lucky but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good and being #1 doesn’t mean you are good or bad. Hey but I not saying anything about Momusu I just pointing your argument or reasoning for it is flawed.

      • It’s an easy mistake to make. I thought Morning Musume died when Ai-chan graduated. I found out I was wrong in July of 2012. I won’t be making THAT mistake again.

      • I meant they changed from Morning Musume to their new name. Many fans stopped liking Momusu in several different moments. I think the most drastic change of fandom was when Kamei graduated, but that’s a different thing.

        • Every generation of fan has different ways where they thought the group ‘died’. Some fans do not cared at all when Eri graduated. Some fans already said that MoMusu ‘died’ when Yossy graduated (more or less the starting wave of the infamous Haromageddon). It’s like older people saying that the 80s or 90s when there was no internet & mobile phones were the best era.

          And besides, the 14 at the name is indication of years & era as the group is always changing members & evolving.

          PS: I really wish that Tsunku will soon make a song, with powerful marketing of course, that would topple Love Machine as MoMusu’s signature song that made the group a household name.

  2. The fact that i stayed around after Ai-chan graduated means i’m here for the long haul, but i can’t picture MM without Sayu. Though i thought the same thing for Ai-chan, Gaki, and Reina before they graduated too.

  3. First time poster long time reader. Dammit Sayu’s graduating, I’m scared about the Sayu-less MoMusu, I hope they won’t flounder

    • This graduation will be the first time ever without any older generations to support/inspire the newbies.
      The 9th and 10th have become so much stronger since they joined, but I think this is going to be rough for everyone.

  4. Considering that I’d gladly be miserable so long as Sayu can be happy, I have to do what she would want me to do and that’s to continue supporting Morning Musume, the group she sacrificed so much for. We’re all gonna redouble our efforts, members, staff, fans…we owe it to Sayu.

    • I think you mean who will be leader(?)
      At first it seemed like Mizuki and Haruna both had an equal shot at leading, but I think Haruna might actually get the position because she’s older. Similar to when Mikitty got lead before Ai-chan.

      • Mikitty became leader because she had longer experience in Hello!Project, not really because she was older. Yasuda Kei was older than Iida Kaori, but Kaorin was the leader. Mizuki was Kenkyuusei and also 9th Gen compared to Iikubo Haruna. But I think Haruna is a better leader in varieties. Fukumura though, had always been in talks in J-Melo recently so I dunno how that would be.

        • Ah, I see That’s my mistake, then. I’m not sure how I missed that she had more experience.

      • Thank you. My reasoning was the same, that they should choose from sub-leaders. But people above are talking about Sayashi Riho. I thought she is too young for this position, although she is of course cool.

  5. Goodbye Shige sama, the world may never see another idol like you ever again. An idol who worked so hard and sacrificed so much for the sake of the group… She even let herself become hated and despised just so she can keep the group relevant in the dark days of Morning Musume.. She was an idol notorious for a lack of singing and dancing skills yet she still managed to pave her way into the top, becoming one of the most popular and successful idols of all time

    I’m not gonna lie, I too felt that Shige sama should have graduated around the same time as Reina so we can truly start the next generation off… But i soon noticed the drastic change that took place under her leadership, she wasnt just a leader in name or spirit but one who lead by action.. She stepped back at times to let the youngin’s speak up and get some time in the spotlight and scolded them when they didnt.. She taught them was it was like to be a part of the Musume legacy and the long history and tradition it carried… She made the group seem more like a family instead of like a business arrangement… They wouldnt have become this successful without her guidance and i’m glad she stayed around so long… I feel they will be fine without her now and she knows this too which is why she chose this timing

    Thank you Shige sama, but dont go to far…We all know your next in line to be next H!P producer, heiress to Tsunku’s kingdom :)

  6. Oh, and by the way that last picture of Sayu is FRICKIN GORGEOUS.. Just felt the need to say that lol

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  8. The greatest idol! The greatest musume! All hail Chayu-sama!!

    I could wish you good luck in your future, but I’m sure you won’t need it.
    You have shown everyone what hard work can achieve.

    You were the sole reason I followed Morning Musume and even though you will be gone soon, I will keep cheering on the girls, albeit not as close and with less enthusiasm.

    Thank you for eveything!

  9. Thank you Sayu for everything. I won’t say goodbye because I will continue to follow you.

    PS: For the wotas who are thinking of leaving MM’14, you are all welcome to come to Up Up Girls(仮)^_^

  10. Idol of the Idol, there will be a long way a head of H!P to find the next Sayu. Thank you for this past 10 years.

  11. Ok, i know why many Sayu wotas and fans are ready to ‘graduate’ too,
    but she’ll be a huge support to MM from the outside. I believe these fans
    should continue following and supporting MM as Sayu would want this too.
    If they have just been hanging around for Sayu and have not noticed the potential
    of the current group- then its time they woke up.

  12. It was just matter of time, i don’t know why people is shocked with the news. I’m happy for Sayu i’ve been a fan of her since her debut and after 11 great years, its time to take a deserved rest. It’s funny how people in the past didn’t give 2 flying pickles about her and now suddenly everyone is telling H!P and Morning Musume is finished just ’cause she’s graduating, but that’s how it rolls with fans, happened when Maki graduated, or Nacchi, Rika, Yossie, Miki, Eri, hell when Ai-chan graduated, Risa, Reina and now with Sayu is the same song, but if people really care abotu Sayu or it’s true what they say about how they love her or support her, should leave aside the fact that she’s the “last link” with the “golden era” and start to see that the Morning Musume she’s gonna leave is her legacy for the group, her real work isn’t the 11 years she spent making us happy, the real work is in the current group.

    • Exactly, I can hear her now.

      “Oh, now that I’m leaving you’re just gonna abandon the group I bled and sweated and cried for all these years? Is that my thanks? How flattering. You just don’t get it do you?”

  13. For almost two years now I felt like I was the only one who wanted to talk about the “serious” Sayu. The “determined,” “hard working,” “intelligent,” “noble,” and “persevering” Sayu. Everybody else just wanted to talk about the “cute,” or “gorgeous,” or “funny,” or “sexy” Sayu.

    In one day the entire H!P wota world has jumped into my boat. Welcome aboard, I just hope we don’t capsize.

    • For almost two years now I felt like I was the only one who wanted to talk about the “serious” Sayu. The “determined,” “hard working,” “intelligent,” “noble,” and “persevering” Sayu.

      I see. We never talked. One of the things that really cemented her as my favourite in Momusu was that Interview in Top Yell with her and Nakazawa. It moved my heart. I really respect her dedication and hard work, as well as her keen sense.

  14. I thought my Momusu fandom would diminish when Reina graduated… I even went to her grad concert to say goodbye to her & Momusu… but I was wrong.. I kept supporting MM eventhough my biggest crush were not there anymore… Not only that I even enjoyed the group more than before… Sayu is also one of my favourite.. The last one from my favourite gen….. It is sad & scary but I look forward to her graduation…

  15. “I will quit being a Momusu wota when Sayu graduates” is the most saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t get why people do react like that. I kept supporting them after my Platinum Era oshimen graduated. Wouldn’t Sayu want her fans to keep supporting MM forever? That’s what comes to my mind.

    • It should be considered an absolute fact that Sayu has given us our marching orders to continue supporting Momusu after she’s gone. She’s conveyed the command in her every action for over 10 years. It helps a lot that the group she leaves behind will be one worth following but that was her plan, she wouldn’t have expected us to follow a sub-par group.
      She’s kept up her end of the bargain.

    • The best way to support Sayumi is to keep supporting Morning Musume. We should love MM the way she loved it and cheer the current (and future) members to do their best, no matter the circumstances.

  16. Auuugh! This announcement she made… It’s too early for me! I can’t handle a Chayu-less Momusu so soon. Fall? I figured I had longer to prepare my heart!


    • > I figured I had longer to prepare my heart!
      Or my wallet, at that. I could likely make it to a graduation concert in fall 2015, but this year? The chances are slim.

      I suppose it is time to be swept away by a younger girl after all this time. Maybe Rihoriho will cheer me up or give me a glare. Or possibly Odasaku? She has a great voice and she’s cute, but somehow I don’t feel this sense of “this girl is interesting”… I think it will have to be Rihoriho after all. Either way, after all Chayu has done, I cannot just following stop Momusu.

  17. I stopped following MoMusu before the Platinum Era when Yossy graduated. Honestly was surprised myself that I got into MoMusu again starting late last year. I only recognized Yayaomo in the line up and to think she’s graduating soon. She never was my fave but was really surprised how responsible she is as a leader and I had a change of opinion of how she is. Though the nostalgic feeling of the Golden Era I came to grow up with is now really be gone soon,MoMusu ’15 will really be a new era I’m looking forward to.

    PS: I think Captain should now be HaroPro leader next & Fuku-chan as MoMusu leader come Autumn… I think…

      • Lmao, Eripon would def sing anything for a chance at a solo… But seriously that song is officially retired, that is a Sayu and only Sayu song.. It would be blasphemous for anybody else to sing it, just like Ooki Hitomi will also be retired permanently after Shige’s graduation

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  19. i really feel like us Sayu fans more than any other fan for any firl that has graduated or will graduate have to continue to support Momusu, because Sayu’s love for the group is too strong and if we stop supporting the group because she is graduating that will only make her sad…

  20. I have been down and in tears all day after hearing about Chayu’s upcoming graduation somehow it seems so unreal like a bad dream. Though as sad as it is I understand that she feels that it is her time to go. I am so glad that Michishige became leader, Morning Musume really couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead. I will do my best to attend Sayu’s final concert and properly thank her for all her hard work up until now. I love you, Sayumi.

  21. Sayumi Michishige is the one and main reason I got into JPop, and anyone who knows me would never think I would ever get into the genre let alone Asian music. Yet here I am.

    I regret that I got into Morning Musume and JPop late in the game (around 2011) at a time when most of the Golden and Platinum era members have already graduated. I made up for it by watching as many of their programs and MV’s during the summer of that year and have continually to do so to this day. But yeah with Sayu having graduated last year it made it hard to accept that she is no longer a part of it. And the fact that she said she no longer wanted to remain in the entertainment business made it even harder for her fans like me to know we will never see her again. But I respect her decision to want to live a normal life.

    Anyway, the time she was with Morning Musume was just absolutely golden. She shined like a heavenly star. She may not have been gifted with the ability to sing but I admired how she was always trying and never gave up. In spite of her image as being cutesy, seeing her on the program, “Ikinari Ougon Densetsu” showed her true image outside of being an idol and from there I absolutely fell in love with her as a person.

    Now that most of the original Morning Musume members have moved on with their lives, I have slowly stopped watching due to the fact I have a life too. I still manage to try and look them up to see what the current group is doing. But with Sayu no longer there, it is heartbreaking to follow. I wished I had known of them sooner in the last decade. But I guess my knowing them later made it more worthwhile to appreciate MM & H!P more so than others who’ve been a fan longer than I. I know MM gets a lot of critics and perhaps haters. But as with all entertainers in the public eye, scrutiny comes with the game. In spite of that and the fact they no longer get the recognition they once had, no one can ever take away the fact Morning Musume set a precedence, a standard, and the Golden Rule for the current JPop genre starting way back in the late 1990s to about the mid-2000s just after Yossi graduated, at a time when the internet and Youtube wasn’t even on full mass scale yet. MM didn’t rely on gimmicks to sell their brand. And I like the fact that when I listened to them, it helped me escape my own troubles in life and not pander to my sexual emotions just to $ell. Sayu’s contribution not only to MM but JPop in general made it worthwhile for me to have been a fan. Now that she’s retired from entertainment, I too, might go back to doing what I had always done prior to being a MM and JPop fan. Time will tell. Usa-chan Peace ^.^

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