14 comments on “Important announcement from Ogawa Makoto

  1. I, C♂rnh♂li♂, today have decided to change my personal computer from one with an AMD processor to one with an Intel processor.

    I am doing this because it will help me stare at pictures of idol singers in a creepy way, make stupid comments on web sites about idol singers, and watch porn.

    Thank you,


  2. I’ve decided to get a 5c after my 4s spontaneously combusted. I would have rather gotten a Droid but in my haste I went for the Apple product that I’ve had such wonderful experience with before ::sarcasm::

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  4. Hell yeah, this is imortant news… Now i can go on comfortably in my life knowing that Ogawa has successfully made the switch to iPhone… The world can breathe a little easier tonight…

    Lol, shes just a glutton for punishment but hey, it gets the job done…She got people talking bout her again

  5. To be honest, people who buy a Apple product think it needs a world shaking announcement.

    • I looked and didn’t see any reviews of her app. I wonder how many people ever used it? It does seem to have pictures of her kissing bagels though.

  6. Congratulations Mako!!!!!!!

    I wish her the best, and I hope she’ll be very happy with her new phone. May they have many long and meaningful years together.

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