28 comments on “Let’s think up names that are so stupid they even make “Morning Musume。’14” sound acceptable

    • Pretty much, we all agree that its a stupid idea to change the name but I wouldnt go so far as not being a fan anymore… Morning Musume for life over here, till death do us part lol

  1. Is 206 supposed to be “Mo-nin Gugu”? Maybe if they add some super young kids (like, aged seven to eleven), perhaps that could work – since googoo is the sound babies make (apparently).

    I still support the H!O consensus of モーニング娘。∞

    As far as a worse name than モーニング娘。’14?
    I nominate モーニング娘。に譜久ちゃんのおっぱい

  2. Given their habit of releasing albums with numbers in the title, this is going to start getting very confusing when the numbers in the name and the numbers in the album get out of sync. “13 Colourful Character” by “Morning Musume 12” sounds pretty silly, for example.

    • There’s no “Morning Musume 12”, just 14 and beyond. And now that you mention it, Morning Musume 14 will release the 14th album so it’s going to be ok in that respect.

      • Yeah, I’m just thinking beyond that… if they don’t stick to exactly one album per year it’s gonna be a bit weird.

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