14 comments on “I want to go to Sayashi’s handshake event and have her think I’m a complete pervert

  1. Shake her hand then smell it while grinning at her! That’ll do it! But actually… don’t do that to her. She’s a sweet girl.

  2. 45>

    that look she gave Eripon in that pic was so hilarious the first time i saw it.. Sayashi dont like when people when people mess with her lol… Remember back when the 9th gen first arrived and how mad she used to get at Zukki for waking her up and bothering her lmao

  3. I’m predicting that someone’s going to get their ass kicked at a Sayashi handshake event. The news will describe the person as a middle age man wearing tight white pants with no underwear and a tight shirt that says “pussy” on the front of it.

    • Depends on the tone you want to give to the question, the “aren’t” transforms it into a rhetorical question, but the actual meaning of it was to actually ask whether Sayashi wotas are all perverts or not. So Henkka’s translation is right, as always :) Keep up the good work, Henkka.

      • Ok, I was just being humorous, but judging by the reply and the weird number of dislike, next time I WILL ANNOUNCE WELL IN ADVANCE that I’m only joking.

  4. I’d just go for:
    Please tell me where to get the bathsuits you wore in your PBs, I wanna wear them myself.

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