14 comments on “Sato Maa-chan recounts an episode with a friend in school

    • Lmao who would give you a downvote smh… They must not be able to comprehend the awesome randomness that is Sato Masaki… I kind of feel bad cause they must devoid of all emotions lol

  1. Are we sure the blue text isn’t Maa-chan. That actually sounds like something she’d say.

    If not, then UpFront needs to hire that girl. Mirai Shojo!

  2. 47: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/09/28 00:58:14
    I’m a bit worried about the fact that she’ll be 15 next year.

    Same. Still, there’s some part of me that doesn’t want her to change.

  3. i think she meant she wanted to have a civic union with 00-chan but 00-chan wanted it in writing? or is there a cipher in there some where?

  4. 2 in a row Henkka for best comment, lol a death threat

    But i had no idea wut she was trying to say even after reading it multiple times… And i thought i had a pretty damn high IQ (140 :) )smh but i guess Maachan logic is beyond normal human comprehension lmao

  5. How many times did you guys re-read it? LOL
    Do I have a low IQ cuz I had to re-read it 3 times to actually understand what she trying to say? so confused XD

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