10 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Tsunku♂ (Part One)

  1. This is the first part of a massive Tsunku interview published last month. There will be two more equally long parts. If you found this translation useful or enjoyable, do consider becoming a supporter of the site on Patreon. It would be much appreciated! https://www.patreon.com/wotaintranslation

  2. Thank you for the translation as always!!
    I didn’t know Tsunku felt this way about the group at the beginning. Near the end of this part, he isn’t talking about them disbanding anymore, which is nice.

  3. It’s always easy to forget during the ASAYAN female vocalist audition SharanQ was still extremely popular and had legions of school aged fan girls.

    Also, watching old MUSIC STATION footage from 1996-1997, Tsunku would always seem chattier and more interested with guests like SPEED, MAX, Amuro and V6, all talents who were known for their dance skills, and was known to praise them at the time, so I’m sure he was frustrated with early Morning Musume not being able to handle high level choreography.

  4. This was brilliant. I’m looking forward to the next two parts.

    Thinking about Tsunku growing behind the scenes in his work just as much as the girls were with theirs is so endearing; it gives me the most ridiculous warm fuzzies and makes me feel even more emotionally invested in everything.

  5. In reading this and his autobiography (thanks Henkka!) it seems that this guy was working super hard in the Sharan Q and Morning Musume days. I wonder how he fills his time now. Strolling along Hawaiian beaches, I guess. :)

  6. It’s always fascinating reading about the history and inner workings from the source. The more I read about Tsunku and what went on during those days, the more I respect the man and everyone involved.

    Here’s to the next bit!

  7. This is very interesting. Few things came as total surprises. Tempted to get this book myself.

  8. Tsunku becoming excited about working with someone just because they’re even more of a details wonk than he is is so incredibly Tsunku and I love it.

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