11 comments on “Fukuda Kanon on ex-fans: “Oh, okay, so you just liked me because I was a little child.” (+1)

  1. ……..Now I’m a bit anxious of how Maro would interact with S/mileage’s 3rd gen (especially for Rikako) – though is she that a bit psycho only towards fans?

  2. > I want to tie her up like roast pork.
    She’s a popular target for those kinds of fantasies, huh? There was one in that other Maro thread too.

    Somehow, I still can’t bring myself to trust her. I’m not sure why.

  3. She’s not very traditional. She’s a very cheeky idol and goes against a lot of convention. That’s why I like her.

  4. Maro is surely one of the top in H!P, judging from her skill.

    Look at H!P Kids when they were 11 -12,
    Saki and Momoko got in a movie with a null acting skill.
    Released single in XYZ with a minimum dancing and singing technique.

    But Maro had already done live singing and stage play
    with a very long dialogue and dance routine.

    My initial thought of putting her in S/mileage is a waste of her full potential.
    If she was born couple years later, she might be put in MM instead
    where she can shine more.

  5. I stopped liking her when she couldn’t stop complaining about her own weight. Also, the crash dieting.

  6. I started to lost interest in her after she made Fuyuka cry.

    But somehow I like her “proud princess” -character – the way she can look to the camera or how she is able to say something like that in the first topic. imho there is something wrong because that could be great way to promote not only herself but also S/M.

    H!P needs a tv-show to show people the girls’ personalities (or characters). The Girls Live is way more better than Satoyama Life, but it needs hosts, visiting members, some challenges or game per one episode – and then those live-parts. I don’t like to compare members to eachother but Maro could be the next Mikitty.

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