21 comments on “Common reactions to H!P by foreign fans

  1. 10: 【中国電 77.9 %】 ◆fveg1grntk 2014/02/11(火) 10:52:13.84 0
    Riho and Ayumi are such great dancers!
    I don’t think they’d feel out of place at all even if they were appearing at Apollo Theater.

    THAT I wanna see!

  2. The ‘M’ male characters are mostly in theirs 30s – 40s while the ‘F’ females are in late teen and 20s, why?

    But prop to this guy that give the ‘Thai’ character of 24 years of age. Since I’m Thai, I think most of the fans here are in their 20s or early 30s. But we no longer safe the money for these because it has become cheaper to go to Japan since there is no more Visa requirement for Thai Citizen. Easy in, Easy out

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  4. surprised that there wasn’t a ‘why do they make fun of Zukki being fat!’ comment aimed at the foreign wotas.

  5. I kinda feel afraid to find one of my comments and I don’t know why xD
    good thing all comments where positive right?

  6. i don’t wish oda being center, it’s enough that people thinks that she’s the whole person in the damn world that can sing and sings better than anyone else, it’s annoying because i know persons who are better at singing, including myself.

  7. Anyone who compares Riho to Messi needs a lobotomy. Seems no one is greater at stroking Japan’s ego than the Japanese. Though in their defense some of the comments I see boarder on japanophile. Really happy H!P doesn’t seem to have many weeaboo fans.

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