14 comments on “How can you go on living once you quit being a wota?

  1. LOL, that picture is so disturbing….

    but it makes me want to have that kamei pillow ;0

  2. Totally agreeing on >423. I did quit at one point of my life, a few years ago – probably from too many graduations going on. But once I got back into the H!P, it feels like I found a meaning to live again. _(:3 」∠ )_

  3. Untill Tsunku is gone, there’s no point to follow H!P if the one that look after them is gone.
    It will be feels so different.

  4. i wonder if one day i’ll become like these wota people… im still young and all and i dont think terada is ever going to stop yet.

  5. I didn’t know Morning Musume, then Mano Erina, and the rest of H!P were going to be a big part of my life.

  6. 94: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/06/23(日) 10:11:07.77 0
    Lately people are encouraging me to marry a Thai or a Filipino but I’m trying not to.

    Did this guy post in the wrong thread?

  7. I think that for the hardcore wota’s is more easy to stop being one that for the more casual ones since they spend too much money, is true that being an idol fan consumes too much time so sometimes i have to give priority to my studies but i don’t think i will stop being a H!P and anime fan at all, is just too much fun! plus i have really bounded too much with the girls specially Sayu, looking at her makes me happy =)

  8. I think there are maybe times where I will want to pull back some, but I can’t see myself ever quitting. Of course, I’m one of those 10+ year fans who feels like H!P is their life. It’s over 1/3 of my life, to be precise!

  9. I’m 27, married, have a job, 5 cats, and have plenty of other hobbies besides H!P, though H!P is by far my biggest obsession. My hobbies and husband keep me happy, my real problem is that there is not enough hours in a day to keep up with everything!

    This is how I would allocate my hours…
    Getting ready (shower/eat/get dressed): 2 hours
    Catching up on FB: 2 hours.
    Work: 7 hours (i’d like less but you know.. need money)
    Keeping up with H!P news and media: 3 hours
    Chores: 1 hour (my least favorite part, but it’s necessary so i’ll give it more than 0 hours)
    Daily reading: 4 hours
    Daily movies: 2-5 hours
    Daily shows: 3 hours
    Internet browsing: 4 hours (i’d like it to be less, but the internet is time suck no what i do)
    Sleep: 8 hours

    That means I need like 35+ hours in a day. Oh, and I also love traveling so… let’s add extra days to the weekend as well. Then life would be good!

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