14 comments on “I drew Sayashi — what do you think?

  1. I so wanted it to evolve into an all-Sharan Q thread by the end.
    The Q-wota’s Momochi! <3

  2. That Kumai-chan.. OMG it’s too genius!!
    By the way, what did the creator of this thread want? Compliment? She/he looks like that she/he will never give up..

  3. Henkka this wasn’t horrifying at all. It was one of the most funny ones because those wota were only hopeless in drawing, not totally pedo and hopeless as human beings…

    • The internet may have desensitized me to all sorts of questionable comments, but there are things in this thread that no amounts of internet could’ve prepared me for. Pictures like >136 have left a permanent scar on my soul…

  4. The person who drew #9,59, and 87 had me literally LOLing. Is it possible to high-five through the internet yet? This thread was pure awesome! Thanks as always for translating <3

  5. God my sides hurt from laughing so much.

    This is the best one yet.

    Some of those faces looks like a titan from SnK

  6. >61 the hand is what made me laugh the most. xD the orange commenter didn’t try to draw realistically, but i think if they had they would still be better than >1’s lol.

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