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  1. “4:名無し募集中。。。:2013/03/23(土) 08:25:31.41 ID:0
    I wonder if H!P’s management have some qualms about going abroad more.
    It seems to me like they aren’t very eager to do so.”

    Just after C-ute is announced to go to Paris, lol. Hopefully they can travel abroad more now that MaiMai is older. Berryz seems to go overseas at least once a year now (other than Hawaii, of course).

    I agree with #7 though, having minors makes it tougher to travel. That’s why just the older half of MM went for the world-wide handshakes. I’m Canadian, but it makes me sad that they haven’t been to America in a while. I hope that if they do another ‘world-wide’ thing, they can make it there next time. I heard that the management at Anime Expo was bad for MM in 2009, but hopefully that doesn’t ruin their chances of coming again.

    Thanks again for translating these, I love reading the wota’s opinions!

    • Note that this thread happened a couple of weeks before the Paris announcement so they didn’t know about it yet. I’m still in catch-up mode with these posts. :) And you’re welcome, I hope to keep you entertained!

  2. Hi everyone, I am French and many comments made ​​me laugh.

    First, France is in Europe and it is normal to speak English, so it’s not stupid for Ai-chan and Gaki to speak english because it’s easier for them.

    Also, in france we really like English.

    • Oh that’s kinda new for me, so the old stigma that French hate English is no longer applicable?

      • Wrong, definitely wrong. Young people in France love Americans, because it’s all you can see on TV. But in truth, try and speak English over there and you’ll get nothing but scorn. Even amongst the younger generations, it seldom happens that someone would learn English, and if they do it’s only because you have to speak English if you want to see anything worthwhile on the Internet. There’s still a sense that English is a low-class language, and French is higher, but mostly there’s also a lot of hurt pride that English has become the worldwide language instead of French in business and politics contexts.

        Well, maybe that’s from the point of view of someone who’s a bit out of touch with the political concerns of today’s youth.

  3. there will always be some people who will not like english as for everything but the majority doesn’t hate english.

    We don’t hate english, it’s juste difficult to speak an other language but if you speak with a french you can be sure that he understands what you say. (English is the first language that we learn. )

    I’m in High school and english is one of my favorite subject.

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