7 comments on “You know, at first I couldn’t understand why Aikawa was put in ANGERME. But now…

  1. You know, that’s the real idol magic.

    Murotan and Rikako are great performers and have been since their Kenshuusei days, and everybody knew they’ll be fine with their new group. Maho was a surprise. And man, did she surprise us all.

    Once Meimi graduates Kana is next in line for my favs in ANGERME, but Maho is already a close second.

  2. In its early years when S/mileage was the newest of the major groups it seemed pretty easily outdone in popularity and sales by the older groups. That being the case, it always pleases me when some new member was actually a big fan of the group specifically.

  3. Gotta give some love to that hat she wears in Itoshima. Not a lot of people could sell that but I think it works for her personality :D

    Didn’t really know that story about doing the Musume auditions to join S/mileage, what a silly girl. I like that they actually ended up adding her to the group she wanted to join, she’s fit in quite nicely

  4. It’s funny because Maho was my fav 3rd gen from the beginning

    Same with Kananan and 2nd gen

    Yuuka from 1st, but she was shining from the beginning.

    What can I say? I have a thing for milky-skinned airheads

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