13 comments on “The best & worst of wota you’ve seen at H!P concerts and events

  1. Damn, that was a lot of text, but I got through it all!
    Sorry to see you go Henkka, but i understand you must show Solidarity with Berryz.

    Also, it may not have been a H!P concert, but the strangest thing I’ve probably seen is a dude showing up to a concert in full plate mail.

  2. Since this year, there is even a video showing all the things which are inappropriate :
    – moving from your seat (running, blocking the corridor),
    – standing on your seat, jumping too much, (having a hat? i’m not sure but probably too)
    – being drunk,
    – having a handful of penlights or having long penlight, or waving them too much,
    – throwing towel.
    everything that could be a nuisance to other viewers.

  3. 41: 名無し募集中。。。 2007/07/10(火) 10:35:01.07 0
    Yoshizawa SSA graduation concert. This little girl asked her parents to buy her two trading posters. I still can’t forget the sadness I saw in her eyes when she opened them up to find they were both of Mitsui.

    A touching story indeed

  4. One of the best things I’ve seen of wota:

    Fans who have taken the time and effort to translate things so that other fans can enjoy Hello! Project a little more. Thanks for your work, Henkka!

  5. little kids’ stories were cute. the wotas are touching. but man, the crazy wotas, in the heightened level of being crazy xD

  6. Henkka you will be missed and until your return i wish a good and peacful hiatus. Love and respect from the west coast
    – Tupac Amaru Shakur

  7. I always like watching the wota when concert footage shows them. I don’t think I’ve seen anything really crazy so far, but I’ve seen quite a few things that were funny or interesting.

    Going by these threads, I need to watch more closely.

    > First picture
    Momochi is the only one following the gesture of the guy.

    > mounted on top of who a staff person while punching him

  8. 66: 名無し募集中。。。 2007/07/10(火) 10:43:59.14 0
    UFA needs to do a yearly thanksgiving day when they invite kids to attend their concerts for free.
    Dreams! They must give dreams to the future generations!

    Agree with you!

    • Henkka will be away from doing wota translations for an indeterminate length of time. However, in his hiatus post, he’s linked a few other sites thatare still following that path.

      If you really desperate for some of Henkka’s work, just hop over to helloproradio :)

  9. Wow. Looking at that video of those with and thinking about how old the girls were when Masaara Blue Jeans came out…I’m more than a little disturbed. How the heck can they stand up there looking at all these gross old men jumping up and down like maniacs, spinning in circles, and even take pictures with them. Id be scared for my life.

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