7 comments on “Marty Friedman: “The key people of current Japanese music are Tsunku and Nakata Yasutaka”

  1. As I don’t really listen to Perfume I can’t comment on their music, other than the fact that the removal of the polyrhythmic chorus in a song CALLED Polyrhythm is possibly a crime against music. As for Nakata’s Kyary stuff, I’m not a fan.

    Obviously, Tsunku’s melodies are heavily variable. On the one hand, Momusu’s 4th album, a lot of the first three albums, C-ute’s 6th album, and as I was saying the other day, the Tanpopo stuff has some incredible stuff. On the other hand there’s 90% of Berryz back catalogue, 98% of S/mileage’s, and Seishun Collection to think of.

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  3. #248 summarized it for me. Listen to what you like, despite what others say about it being low/high quality or whatnot. =p
    And I think Tsunku is already amazing just by looking at his productiveness. The guy makes song like crazy.

  4. Wow this thread actually had good opinions. Sure this is 2ch?
    ^^^ wut Seishun Collection was awesome!!
    And you are just exagerrating about S/mileage and Berryz.

  5. I’m surprised Berryz’ Koi no Juubaku wasn’t brought into the discussion. I think it’s a great example as for Tsunku’s melodies and what actually can be done with them.

    Berryz Version; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr9fr5VZgDQ
    Hello Pro Hour arrangement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqRjCHcL8nY

    Also surprised that Hyadain (Maeyamada) and Yasutaka Nakata were somehow compared, they have similarities in later sounds but their core expertise is way different.

    What Tsunku has been doing for 20 years, can be only compared to what TK did back in the day, except TK doesn’t have it anymore, and I’m saying this as a TK 90’s work fan. Tsunku could stil pull up something nice if he wants.

    Anyways, I’m surprised of all the good discussion that was brought up here, I feel enlightened.

    • Oh yeah. I really dug many of those Hello Pro Hour arrangements, that one included. Wasn’t this one just so much fun, too? Shame about the singer choice on those two though, but then that’s beside the point. This one was lovely as well (although not actually a Tsunku song).

      Aside from minor nitpicking I actually don’t hate H!P arrangements most of the time, but even so, it’d definitely be fun if they did more performances with a band. Ah well. At least there’s an okay catalog of past DVD’s offering just that. :)

  6. My all-time favorite: “Sexy Boy.” It’s got the vitality of “Love Machine”, a light touch of cute (the repeated line where they all intone “sek-shee”), and a “coolness” so thick you can cut it with a knife.

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