2 comments on “Tsunku♂ Love Theory: “The Smiling Woman”

  1. Is interesting to see how Japanese society looks at women. I know is Tsunku’s opinion but you can see that ‘pure’ and ‘motherly’ women are cherished in Japan. Wota like Idols that are “wife” material and is quite different with many cultures in the west were a strong Independent women is usually portrait the media as ideal.

    So… this is why Tsunku favored Nacchi to the point the videos were all about her and the rest of the members were barely shown in camera.

    I became a MM fan around 2002 when the 4ki joined and it was refreshing to see more spotlight in the rest of the girls and not only Nacchi. I like Nacchi l but I think the group is more interesting it showcase all the girls not just one *cofcofRIHOcofcof*.

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