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  1. Generally, i like everything but my faves are the Daaishi and Maachan threads, especially the one where Daaishi supposedly brought home a song costume and started using it as her regular clothes. Another favorite would be the obvious obvious HP thread. Thanks for all the translations! May 2014 be as abundant in translations as last year.

    • LOL, I love the fact that Daaishi snuck home one of her old costumes! It really makes it seem like she truly enjoys being an idol, plus it strengthens hilarious notions like “Daaishi is poor” and such! Whether or not that “image” is true doesn’t really matter, as it nevertheless makes Ayumi all the more endearing to us =D

      Ganbare! Ayumi-chan!

  2. By far, my favorite has to be the one where Maa-chan is honest about not reading fan letters! She’s so cute about it that you can’t even be disappointed by her answer…and I’d much rather have an idol tell the truth in that situation than just tell me what I wanted to hear.

    Maa-chan! Please keep crushing our pathetic wota dreams in 2014! ^_^

    And Henkka! Thanks so much for your work this past year, and I hope we all continue to have a great time reading your translations and connecting to our 2ch wota brethren through your threads!

    I’m gonna re-read through all of the Top 30, as well as the archives, cuz most of them are funny as hell! Reading what these japanese wota think about our idols really makes me burn with desire to make it out there one day to participate in concerts and other moments like handshake events. The Japanese don’t know how good they have it, being able to see our idols in person…sigh…

  3. it seems the ishida and maachan threads are the best, and of course there is special bias for that one eri thread.

  4. I loved everyhing, thanks Henkka for your hard work, it’s really appreciated :) Happy new year, I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you this year too :3 よろしくね!

  5. I love Maa-chan thread especially Maa-chan at handshake event XD

    Thanks for your translation last year (*´ω`*)

  6. Love them all especially the MM related ones. My top 5 are (in order):

    1. Fuku-chan’s enormous booooooooobs!!!
    2. I drew Sayashi — what do you think?
    3. The absolute cutest human being ever since mankind first came into existence on this planet must be Michishige Sayumi
    4. Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko — this is already 105% Yuukarin!
    5. Maa-chan is an angel

  7. My favorite was definitely #23 Fukumura, Ishida, Ikuta — if you could have one of them become your wife, who would it be? It showed just how great Daiishi is even if she would technically be a better wife than my current oshi Eripon

    2nd is the Shige is the most beautiful being to ever come into existence… it expressed the unexplainable beauty of my 2nd favorite idol of all time, only behind Kamei sama herself

    Next would be the Maa-chan letter reading thread and Maa-chan angel threads… hilarious the both of them

  8. I’m a little disappointed that the pancake thread didn’t make it on the list. That one actually had me bursting out laughing.

  9. Of course everything related to Maachan is the BEST!!!
    Thank you so much for your hard work, Henkka <3

  10. Most funny topic ; Tokunaga Chinami was a car navigation system
    Most interesting ; H!O general ranking favoriete members of overseas fans announced
    Becourse of difference in thinking about why members are favoriete between foreign fans and 2Ch wota’s .
    But best of all is the Continuous joke of Daaishi being poor they but in almost every topic .

    Thanks for the all translations Henkka , and keep on the good work in 2014 .

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