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    For the most part I’m good with Tsunku, but on the other hand I do also feel that it’s about time he’d let others take care of some of the album and coupling songs.

    I fully agree with this one.

    • I sort of agree. I’d be OK with Tsunku not having to write *everything* anymore, but I wouldn’t be OK with him quitting as producer.

      The production is essential to how the group is marketed to the general public. Change the producer, and you basically change the essential core components of the groups themselves. Songwriting is only secondary.

  2. 17:まろ厨 2013/12/18(水) 21:30:25.63 ID:0
    I don’t. I like H!P members when they’re singing Tsunku’s songs (the derivative units are an exception). There’s no way my oshi would’ve come to be my oshi if she wasn’t in H!P.

    I kind of agree with this…While i love my Momusu members i dont thinik they wouldn’t have become who they are without Tsunku… The songs they sing are written specifically for each group/member at the right time and thats wut makes their songs a higher quality than most idol groups…LIke the platinum era’s Namidacchi, its not a single or highly recognized but it might be one of the best songs ever written cause of the members involved and line distribution…

    Not to mention, Tsunku has like a hidden ability to see the hidden talent in others… He always makes u scratch your head during the auditions when he selects a member that most people ignored… Would anybody have selected Konna Asami or Sato Masaki based off their auditions, probably not, but look how awesome and legendary they have become… I wouldnt quit being a H!P wota if Tsunku ever did retire but i’ll admit it would be tough for me to accept somebody else…The only option is to make Sayu Sama his replacement :)

  3. He is probably the most important component of H!P Chemistry. At this time, his departure will leave a huge gap that hardly to be filled.

    If he ever plan to quit soon, he need to start to give some of coupling tracks and album tracks to other producer, and let the fans, and the H!P itself experience the change in chemistry.

  4. I think H!P would be divided into two ages if Tsunku were to permanently stop being involved with the music. It wouldn’t be the same.

    I do agree about some album songs having that mass-produced feel though. I can almost tell when there’s passion in certain songs and it’s going to live on through concert performances, or if it’s going to be forgotten and never mentioned again.

  5. Hello! Project without Tsunku would be like an empty shell.

    Now, those saying “Maybe he should do less than 95% of the songs.”, sure, I can see that.

    #8 from the second section: What do they mean by DDs?

  6. I agree with >>9 so much. I think this person has really made a good point.

    However, I wish there was a little more meaning to the lyrics of many H!P songs. Usually, when I show H!P music to (Japanese) people, they like the sound of the songs, but they criticize that the lyrics don’t really make sense in many parts. But maybe that is one of Tsunku’s charm points… because this way, the lyrics leave more room for interpretation.

    Personally, I don’t know whether I’d stop being a fan with Tsunku’s leaving. Probably depends on which way H!P was going, then.

    Anyway, thanks for translating!

  7. For me, I think it’s similar to >>27. I also quite like >>28. >>71 definitely got it right too. Overall, there’s a lot of good posts there. And with good, I mean posts with a similar opinion to mine.

  8. I’d still be a fan if he left… but only if they let me take his place.

    I’ve already made sure my name was equally ridiculous.

  9. I know full well why this question is being taken so seriously. But if Tsunku left and my girls continued to be just as awesome I’d stick around no problem. So that’s the question isn’t it? How much of that awesomeness does he deserve credit for? Would they be awesome enough to come back to pretty much daily as I do if he weren’t the one calling the shots?

  10. I’d have no problem with it. This EDM trend with Momusu is getting a bit tiring. Particularly because it’s terrible and cheap EDM.

  11. The music is definitely the first thing that attracted me to H!P (I knew nothing of Morning Musume back then), so they’d have to find someone of a similar songwriting ability to take over if he ever did leave. I’m afraid it would be a bit like Apple without Jobs. Still some good products, but not the creative spark to define an industry.

  12. i cared because you(and ex-3metalheads) do, hennka. if henkka stopped commenting on tsunku songs, my interest in h!p would die a slow cancerous death. maybe.

    6> there’re japanese girl fans of the platinium era??? man, that’s rare.

  13. Sometimes I wonder if Tsunku should be thinking about taking on an apprentice or something, so the transition will be easier when he leaves.
    But then again another part of me thinks that Tsunku probably has no intention to stop, ever.

  14. When I think about it, H!P really gives off this “one-of-a-kind” feeling that makes you like them even if you’re not into this kind of groups.

    Even one of Kenshuusei – I don’t really remember who, but I think it was either Yamaki Risa or Karen Tanaka – said that she has her eyes only for Morning Musume, no interest in any other idols.

    To be totally honest, I’m often like “Err, Tsunku” or “You are trolling us again, Tsunku”, but, in the end, I enjoy the stuff he’s doing. I like his song’s lyrics – light and innocent, and often have some message behind them, like Brainstroming’s “live your life to the fullest” or I WISH’s “believe in yourself, life is wonderful”. Also, I like how H!P girls are safe – Terada’s paying them well and we can be sure that we’ll never see them doing some perverted stuff like posing nude in photobooks as long as they’re under Up-Front.

    • When she graduates I’d love it if she became assistant producer with nobody between them in the chain of command. Don’t we all know by now it’s not as crazy as it sounds?

  15. i also agree that it wouldn’t hurt to bring in new people into the songwriting process. I don’t know if it’s a cost-saving measure or if Tsunku just doesn’t want anyone else involved, but I would really like to see what new people could do with the voices of HP. Maybe he’s fearful that a new writer would be able to bring them into mass popularity again and he’d be sidelined?

    Still, this doesn’t mean I want Tsunku to retire… as long as he continues to put out good stuff like Hadakano x3 KISS out, he can stick around in my book!

  16. I guess I’m a DD, then.

    Tsunku is the straw that stirs the drink, and although I’d likely give them a chance if he left, I have a feeling I’d be disappointed. When Tsunku was writing what I thought was mostly crap from roughly 2009 until 2012, I checked out. Buono! was the only H!P music I liked during that period. Tsunku’s material from “Renai Hunter” onward has been mostly solid, though, and occasionally brilliant, which is why I’m back.

  17. Wow, for me, Tsunku-San is really a genius in terms of musicality but even if there would be the time that he needs to quit, I will still remain being a fan of Yajima Maimi-Sama… n_n

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