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  1. “ 128: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/07/22(月) 00:01:19.69 0
    I like Miyamoto/Uemura the best.
    Budokan 2017 was their pinnacle.”

    lol i hope this person saw the recent concert

  2. Ayumin said at the concert that, now her best friend named “Yamaki Risa”.

    P.S. GAM’s BG in comment box thou. ❤️❤️

  3. My favourite right now is Kaga/Yokoyama.

    All time favourites will always be KameShige and Riho/Kanon.

    • The picture is from 2011. They were in Florida shooting for a TV show, but it was never broadcast because of the Tohoku earthquake.

  4. This is a bit different than the “working” relationships most of those posts were about, but Nakanishi and Mano only overlapped in H!P for about a year and a half and not even sharing a group, but remain very close now nearly 7 years further on.

    • Definitely one of my favorites. I feel the members who are close with someone from their own group is kind of a given. When the two are from different teams, especially teams that don’t interact a lot, I feel it’s so much more special.

  5. Not one mention of old school pairing Rika Ishikawa and Ayumi Shibata? They were always adorable and still occasionally post pictures together. Post graduation there’s also been a fair bit of Maimi/Nacky, which I approve of.

  6. I thought Matsuura was Nakazawa in that top picture.

    Must’ve been when she was battling that illness.

  7. No PonPon ? o_o”
    No Ayacho/Harunan ?? o_o””

    I also feel Homare/Mei will become a big thing in few years…

  8. All Time OTP = Kamei\Shige
    Current OTP = Yoko\Chii
    Unexpected OTP = Yanamin\Mofuo

    14. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2019年07月24日 14:12
    Ikuta was the only one who ever called Sayashi by “Riho.”

    This was by far the most underrated friendship in the H!P, Ikuta and Sayashi were sneakily and quietly extremely close

    • Was there any proof of that ? I remember riho explaining they didn’t talk much, but they weren’t in bad terms. That’s all i know

  9. All I can think of is Reina crying her eyes out during Junjun’s graduation. I also loved the Sayu/Koahru pairing, especially knowing that they actually hated each other.

  10. OzeChii, Aari/Karin and SayuEri are my all time faves.

    But I will always have a soft spot for Aibon/Gomaki. Aibon was actually closer to a gyaru like Gomaki when she first auditioned, she was quite mature and didn’t speak in the cutesy baby talk she was known for later. While the rest of the girls were talking about school sports and family, Aibon was talking about her favorite brands being Prada and Gucchi lol. It was inevitable they’d get along because they had similar backgrounds. Wota noticed something was up with Aibon during the last few days of the H!P summer tour in 2002, she was crying during performances and looking distant during MCs. Years later we find out Gomaki told Aibon alone about her graduation days before it was officially announced and Aibon couldn’t hold back her emotions.

    It’s a shame they didn’t get to perform with each other during the 2018 H!P summer concert, I would’ve loved to see them sing I WISH.

  11. Tsuji and Kago
    Chinami and Momoko
    Maasa and Yurina
    Maimi and Chinami
    C-ute’s last lineup as a group
    JunJun and Reina
    Sayu and Eri
    Sayu and Reina (I loved the dynamic between those two when they were the oldest members)
    Aichan and Gaki
    Yossy and Rika
    Mitsui and MaiMai
    Ayacho and Haruna
    Taguchi and Rena
    Mizuki and Erina
    Yanamin and Funaki

    There are so many wonderful dynamics and friendships within Hello!Project.

  12. Kumaazu still go out together often and do events together almost 5 years after Berryz’ hiatus, they’re definitely up there in classic H!P duos.

    Kanatomo and Sayuki are one of my favorite duos. I hope they sing a duet sometime. If they were to graduate I think it’d be fitting if they did it together.

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