20 comments on “I’m a 48 year old man. Would it be gross for me to go to a handshake event and tell my oshi that I love her?

  1. >50: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/05/11(土) 00:22:43.23 0
    When I told Maria, she went, “oooh!“

    That’s pretty much a “What the hell do you expect me to answer!” lol

    Considering there’s different ways to tell someone you love them, especially in Japanese, this can be both cute and creepy. If you’re doing a casual “XY-chan wa watashi no ichiban daisuki na member!” then the girl might be flattered, but if you’re going to confess your truest, deepest feelings it’s going to be super awkward. The girls know that, they probably see it on your face or hear it from the tone of your voice.

  2. Which word for love are we talking here? Cuz I’ve defo busted out the daisuki to Eripon but I wouldn’t use the Big Words..

  3. Just don’t be creepy, lol. Also that women who told 3 Tsubaki girls that she loved them and the ones other than her oshi looked shocked… I don’t think it was the word that was necessarily the problem but that she said it to two girls in addition to her oshi XD

  4. I feel better that after Ayacho, there’s no H!P members older than me. I’ll keep loving H!P even when I’m an old lady. Seeing them happy working so hard makes me happy.

  5. I can’t help but imagine that handshaking events are one of the less pleasant tasks for the idols :D

  6. Someone put together a montage of H!P girls reactions to fans declaring their love. I tried to find it, but oh well. Was it ever funny! Every one of them went from happy and excited to meet a fan to “get me out of here!!”

  7. Handshake events are terrible, period. Fuck the 48 groups for normalizing it and HP for going along with this practice.

    Imagine being a teenage girl and have to listen to that kind of stuff -and worse- from a 50 year old bald lonely man.

    The idol industry was much better -and safer- when the best these people could do was buying a photobook.

  8. I could see going to a handshake event and declaring your love to your oshi when you are 48 is okay, but only if your oshi is in their 40’s and still active as an entertainer and doing handshake events.

  9. So long ase everyone is polite and respectful, I think handshake events are fine. ☺
    Unfortunately, people aren’t always polite and respectful. ?

    • What is your definition of polite and respectful? I mean, being an old guy and telling an underage cherry girl that you love her is not technically impolite nor disrespectful, but that is quite disturbing nonetheless.

  10. Healthy men would struggle not to lower their eyes to their oshi’s chest. It’s hard when you already stare them assets on the PB. You tend to do it consciously. Plus, men are gross, the hand that they use to shake the girls hands, they used it to pleasure themselves also. I hope men will be less like animal, gay men are safe though. Don’t handshake with the girls if you fapped to them! That would be awkward and gross! I hope the girls will use perfume in the future, because they don’t really smell anything.

    Handshake event is fun event for fans to meet their oshi.

    By the way, I want to handshake only with Kokoro if she wearing the high school boy outfit only. Seeing her give me inspiration to wear normal clothes for men again. Men can be cute and not gross. If you’re cute the girls will happy to see you in handshake event! Please don’t be ugly and scaring the girls!

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