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  1. I remember my first Nokia cellphone could hack MIDI files so I looked all over for the opening riff to “Last Kiss.” I later edited an mp3 song file and use it to this day.

    Occasionally I’ll get a call at work and the entire office will hear those melancholy chimes. I ask my coworkers from Japan if they recognize the tune. Nada.


    Also: “Popcorn Love” is five-star greatness.

  2. could it be koi wo shichaimashita! for me?

    I used to cry from joy listening to the together shuffle compilation cd back in 2001.

    such. fun. songs.

  3. I am a really terrible wota. I can only identify 14 (maybe 15) of the 25 KSS on the Let’s Say “Hello” cover.

    • Only 20 of them had a major debut, so you’re at least 70-75% there. Even I can’t recall two of the 5 dropouts’ names.

      Interestingly, among the ones who dropped out early, only Inoue Hikaru isn’t in the rightmost column. I had really high hopes for her after she sang “My Alright Sky” at the 2017 Shindan Test.


    My Top 10 Hello!Pro songs would probably be a bunch of early S/mileage singles, some Melon songs, a couple of Ju=Ju’s, and, of course, “Semi”.

  5. It was funny when that one person wished they could see the bass session for Utakata, because you can! It was on Upcoming! Speaking which, I did 3 posts here spreadsheeting great H!P bass parts. I’m linking the one with Upcoming links here, but you can easily find the other two at the same location: https://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/72970.html

    My current wish for songs I wish H!P would cover again include WHY from the 3rd album, the B-sides to All for One, Sankaku Kankei and Suki ni Naccha Ikenai Hito, and Kotatsu no Uta ~jyuken story~.
    Oda’s been doing pretty good at mining the early albums for her Bday events, but I wish she’d check out the first Tanpopo album, too!

    While some of the most Tsunku-like songs are good, I’m always fascinated by the cases where Tsunku is nearly anonymous in his own style, because he’s trying out a new genre. He’s almost always shockingly ahead of his time for the Jpop industry, and tends to be a little more rhythmic than other people’s takes. Like, there hasn’t been another song like Take Off Is Now in all of H!P, or perhaps in all of J-idoling, possibly even K-idoling, too. I wonder why?

  6. “I would’ve quit being a wota had it not been for (Resonant Blue).”

    This describes me dead-on. It didn’t return me to being a super-fan again, but more of a reminder — “Oh that’s right! THIS is what Tsunku is capable of.” that ensured that I would at least make sure to be aware of when new MM songs were released.”One•Two•Three” is the song that reeled me back in for good.

    I love how much Tsunku loves “Semi”, because it’s my favorite Berryz song by far.

  7. Well now, *ahem*, except for one other fan who lives in New York, NY.. I am probably the oldest gaijin wota H!P has. I grew up and was rockin’ back in the Beatles heyday.

    When I first discovered Tsunku’s music it was so easy to pick it up! I had mostly memorized the music of his inspiration. I recognized many riffs and rhythms from the 60’s right from the start.

    More later……….

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