20 comments on “Kanatomo is looking this way with an evil smile on her face!!!

    • Reading through this post once more, I decided to check out Juice=Juice after all.

      That voice. Looks like I’ll be following them too now. For the Rose Quartz.

  1. “I’m not even into S&M but she totally gives off that wicked vibe”

    “I bet it would be nice to be glared at or slapped by Kanatomo”

    “What the fuck, I don’t even like S&M”

    “…well I guess it’s fine if it’s Kanatomo”

    …which is how my thought process went just now.

    What the hell have you done to me, Hello!Pro

    What the hell have you done to me Internet

    • You can tame Riho with food but when the food is gone Riho’s evil again.
      I’m not sure about Kanatomo, It’s like she’s born with

  2. Nakky could look far more diabolical and she must be so because she never let’s it get caught by the camera like Tomo does. Parents could show it to their children and say “if you don’t behave Nakky’s going to come and get you.” They’d be the most obedient kids ever.

  3. 49: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/29(日) 02:12:01.48 0
    Why does she keep bullying Karin?!

    Maybe something like this and this? They even look a bit similar.

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