16 comments on “The post-handshake event feeling of wanting to die

  1. You know Henkka, for some time now every time you highlight a comment in blue, I think that’s your own comment, lol.

  2. i would die for a chance to even go to a handshake event :) Crazy how they take things for granted that international fans may never get to experience

    • yes, that is really true.. like me, one of my biggest dreams is to be able to attend in a hand shake event of yajima maimi. I am really grateful that i have eyes and ears, (to hear her voice and to see her face, especially her smile and dance moves), and every time i think that if there would be a chance to be able to shake hands with her with my very own hands, it really makes me smile. (n_n).

  3. Sometimes I just dont know if the people over at futaba are really shut-in, or just exceptionally good at trolling..

    • It’s not Futaba Channel (2chan.net). These posts are from 2channel (2ch.net/ni channeru). Futaba is an image board. 2ch is a text board and the actually big one.

  4. I almost feel like dying simply after hearing how nerve-wracking those handshake events are…

    Dammit >__>

    #104 is starting to realize something here…

  5. I don’t get it. Having a deity is supposed to make life better. I’ve never been to a handshake event but I can’t imagine feeling bad afterwards. Do these guys feel that somehow they OUGHT to be able to get together with their oshi? That’s not what goddesses are for. They are not for us. We are for them.

    • I think that they are both embarrassed at spending a large amount of money to shake a girl’s hand who doesn’t care one bit about them and at being entranced by this same young girl. Most of these guy’s are middle aged. Those tickets aren’t cheap and what do you really get from the experience? Giddy excitement sure if you are a fan but if you imagine this girl as a kind of lover then there is no way that your expectations and hopes come to reality.

      • Youv’e brought up my biggest objection to handshake events. I don’t like the idea of it getting thrown into the girls faces that many of their fans are men old enough to be their fathers. How many of them are like Koha or Charmy about it but never say so? They might not be if there weren’t handshake events.

  6. Takagi was very kind to me when I shook her hand during their debut event at Sunshine City.

    There were one or two very foreigner-looking fans at the event too. I wonder if they read this blog…

  7. I wonder how i would handle meeting my oshi. I had a difficult time speaking to Kikka when she came to the states, and she was never close to a favorite of mine.

  8. “I get nervous to an extreme about shaking hands with a 14-year-old girl, but when I came to know that both her parents are younger than me, I just felt so empty inside.”

    o shit, that is super creepy

    • “I, middle aged wota, today announce that I will graduate from being a wota at the end of the next concert tour!”


  9. I can understand the wanting to die thing.
    You just paid god knows how much for a handshake for 5 seconds with a girl that doesn’t wanna know u or cares about you.
    At the very least I d feel stupid too.
    The ones feeling happy afterwards are too much into they illusion, hope it doesn’t shatter lol

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