15 comments on “Kanazawa Tomoko reveals her reason for disliking swimsuit pictures: her indecent belly button

  1. Fukumura: I don’t even get a say in it! It’s like in my case I don’t have the right to decline swimsuits!

    What happened to “Mizuki isn’t like that?” haha

  2. I kinda felt uncomfortable with Fukumura’s statement “I can’t decline swimsuits”.
    I am trying to see it as something funny, but I felt weird. I hope none of the girls gets forced to do things they don’t want to, because I really love H!P.

    • It sounds like, based on that and the Uemu quote, that it might depend on their body type. Those two have the ideal figures to work with. I mean, we’d never expect them to try getting Harunan into swimsuit shots in the same manner, but they wouldn’t discourage her if she wanted to lol

      But still, we know for a fact the girls can literally turn it down. Regardless of popularity. Such as Risako and Masaki. And naturally Kanatomo.

      From how I’m interpreting this as, tho, is that the final product tends to utilize the swimsuits more. Like, even if they might’ve taken more shots clothed, the art direction portrays it differently. But I’m not into PBs due to the swimsuits so I’m just guessing from how they phrase it without knowing the final product fully loll

    • I’m hoping it’s the message not coming across through translation, rather than an admission that she has to keep doing them against her will.

  3. Tomoko…
    If YOU have an indecent belly button, then most of the girls in H!P have indecent belly buttons.

    I almost had to hard-reset my brain after reading that- I froze up for like a solid 5 or 6 minutes. It seriously fucking hurt just trying to reason out how she could possibly believe that.

  4. This is just belly button tyranny. Of course the trade is not so bad either.

    That kntm was very illegal.

  5. I agree with 19, why not just leotards and one-piece swimsuits as a compromise? I actually prefer the look of one-pieces to bikinis anyway. :P

  6. “Why don’t we get Yamnamin to strip instead”
    Yikes, 2ch people at their finest of being gross

  7. >>85
    The fact that she’s so opposed to the idea is itself a turn-on.

    Come on guys, can you at least try NOT to sound like rapists? If she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to, no need to share your gross thoughts about how a woman resisting to do something sexual is “a bigger turn-on”.

    Just gross.

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