12 comments on “Takagi Sayuki: “Tomoko got drunk and wore my panties on her head.”

  1. The yuri vibes in this group lately…
    I was hoping for a picture though lol
    Maybe I’ll photoshop one (or hope someone else does cuz I’m lazy)

  2. So if you just hang out in the right coin laundry, you get to see Sayuki’s panties?

    I think I need to raid my piggy bank for some coins.

  3. >7.: “There’s no problem about them drinking if they’re adults. >It’s not like the office is trying to market them as some super pure group or anything.<"

    …Um, this guy's kidding, right?

  4. Wait so.. it’s alright for the girls to drink because “they’re adults”, but not to have relationships? Of course, I agree about the drinking – i just feel this should apply to everything (to an extent), not just pick and choose. If the fans are fine with them acting like the adults they are, it should be fine for them to date once they’re over 18-20. I mean – even Johnny’s do it and they’re fine.

    • Japan is a culture of peer pressure. Suppose you had a generational group that had 12 year old members alongside of 23 year old members. It’s not a big deal if the 23 year old members drink because the 12 year old members are forbidden by law to drink alcohol. But, 12 year old kids can and do date. If a 23 year old member is secretly dating then she has no moral authority to peer pressure the 12 year old to not date.

      Talent agencies specializing in idol singers are built on the illusion that the girls are pure and virginal and acceptable as girl friends for all of Japan. If a 12 year old member got knocked up on H!P’s watch then H!P would probably go out of business. Management is dead serious about it. They go to elaborate lengths to make it hard for the girls to meet boys and they depend on older members to live and enforce the culture.

    • Women love it when they see a dude with another girl. It means that he’s desirable enough for another girl to like him so he must be great.
      Men don’t like seeing a girl with another man. It just means she’s a roastie.

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