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    • I seems like our love for Rose Quartz goes up significantly every time we hear about her abusive behaviors. Juice=Juice sure is a special group, and we’re lucky to have them as idols =D

  1. “23: 名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止 2014/03/10 23:50:19
    Kanatomo, buying one of those things that let you build abs through electric stimulus and trying it out on Karin’s body.”

    He shouldn’t be giving her ideas.

  2. If any idol could even come close to crushing my hand by her own strength with only a handshake…oh man. I dont even.

      • She says the line “I am a rose quartz” a total of FOUR (4) times in that song, and it cuts to a shot of her EVERY SINGLE TIME in the PV.

        This whole “rose quartz” gimmick HAD to have been planned out by Up!Front Works…it’s waaa~aaay too deliberate.

        …But despite its deliberate nature it’s also GENIUS and I LOVE it! ^_^

        • Ahh no wonder i missed it, since i couldn’t watch that PV since seeing Daishi dancing instead of Karin broke my heart.

          • You could always watch the kntm close-up shot or one of the live recordings on Hello! Project Station. Her lines sound amazing.

  3. Even scarier, this girl is not just simply a tyrant or muscle-brained bully. She also known as straight-A student, took her last final exam and got perfect score like it was nothing.
    So, a tyrant with a brain and now she want to build some muscle too, and she doing all of these in the background (it’s even unclear who is the “real” leader of Juice=Juice). Just imagine what will happen to H!P when Sayu graduate.
    She will make H!P day full with violence. Berryz and C-ute will just get along although it will still impossible (and ever) for KNTM to make them completely obey her, because both leader from these group already agreed for her succession as H!P next leader. Kenshuusei and 10ki already on her side, S/mileage and Oda don’t have much power to fight back. The only obstacle for her to take over the entire H!P under her feet is Sayu and 9ki. She need to wait Sayu to graduate because everyone still support Sayu and it will be a bad move if KNTM do a coup. 9ki is the hardest to deal with, because of their high pride and also there is Ikuta and Riho.

    • Haha, yeah 9ki may prove to be too tough for her to overpower…They are too full of pride and personality to get overthrown by an outsider…

      Riho already has a Shinigami aura for “murdering” tons of plants that she was so called “raising”. Not to mention she has experience with being on top and holding off all challengers to the throne (Daiishi, Oda)

      Ikuta on the other hand is just tooooo strong… If your name isn’t Gaki you’re not even on her radar, u may as well be a bug…You can’t brainwash somebody who already brainwashed herself lol… Plus her physicality is through the roof, she may be the strongest person in H!P not named Maimi, which may explain the reason that KNTM feels the need to work out now :) Plus Eripon is part of so many pairings so u gotta feel that her partners are gonna snap out of it and come to help her if she was ever in trouble (Pon-Pon with Fukuhime, PinPon Dash with Riho, HoneyPon with Ikubo, Suberi’s with Ishida, NOK alliance with Oda)

      As long as the 9ki still exist, we can feel safe knowing that H!P will be a peaceful place, nobody is allowed to rule unless the 9ki says so and that currently belongs to Shige Sama… After she graduates i’m pretty sure Tsunku will ask the 9ki’s for their choice on next leader lol

  4. >>86
    I feel the same…



    I think I mangled that too much…

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  6. Awesome post, laughing so hard while reading it

    This girl is truly the devil, im starting to like her more and more… Its been a while since we had somebody so evil and sadistic in the idol game and i’m loving it

    • The only other one I can think of would be Momochi, and she’s not typically so obvious about her sadistic nature.

      Kanatomo’s image is at full throttle now ;D She’s got the most momentum of all J=J members at the moment. Go Rose Quartz, Go!

  7. Yuukarin —> good voice, face of an angel, personality of an angel

    Kanatomo —> good voice, face of an angel, personality of a devilish tyrant

    That’s the only difference, and yet it feels like people are getting more and more interested in that idol who looks like if she was plotting something vicious than in our beloved incarnation of purity.

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