37 comments on “Sato Masaki sprays wota with perfume at handshake event! (+ other fan reports from Twitter)

    • Good catch! I can’t pretend I remembered that particular moment of Eri greatness. Will update the post accordingly. Thanks!

    • I think she spends time with Sayu who watches Eri videos on youtube like the rest of us Eri fans.

  1. LOL Maachan’s handshake is too much fun! I want Maachan to sray perfume on me, too
    And Maachan likes touching Zukki’s boobs LOL

  2. Those reports from the J=J event are first hand? Anyway, interesting post.

    And, be careful, Oda!

    • Not first hand, no, although I was actually considering going to that very event since the venue is relatively close to where I currently live. I don’t go to many handshake events since, like some fans, I really don’t have much I want to say to them.

        • Well, these reports did make me reconsider attending more. I mean, what real man with any sense of self-respect wouldn’t want to smell like 2,000 yen emerald soap perfume meant for teenage girls?

          Better buy me some tickets right away.

      • Ah, I was just wondering due to the self-attribution on those tweets. Besides, that °C-ute event you wrote about once seemed like it had turned out well enough.

        • Ah. My bad, I should’ve specified it more clearly. Those were from the second source I listed. And yeah, that °C-ute event worked out pretty well as far as that whole aspect goes. I consider it an exception to the rule. ;)

  3. Hahaha omg these are awesome! I had no idea Rinapuu had such a sharp tongue xD
    And I KNEW I heard that mushroom joke somewhere before! If that fan was telling the truth, it just made my day! Also, if you bought that perfume, you’d smell like Maa-chan :P

    If you ever get bored of 2ch posts, looks like twitter posts are a great alternative ;)

  4. This post is great!

    Now I’ll know what Maachan smells like. Gotta go to the mall later and buy that soon-to-be-cocaine of mine.

  5. Hell yes!!!! Keep up the good work, dont matter if its twitter or message boards i love hearing stories about the member….

    Just when i thought i had got away, Maa-chan reeled me back in lol… I had just said that Devil Kanatomo threads had become my favorite then Henkka dropped this Maa-chan loaded bomb on me smh…. I’m sorry Maa-chan for ever doubting you, i just got possessed by the Devil Tomo for a bit…Frickin Maa-chan even dropped a Kamei Eri joke, gotta love her for that

  6. This is too funny
    Henkka, do you have any translated threads on the newer kenshuusei? Particularly what wota think of the 20th gen?

  7. Super funny!
    And Maa never fails to entertain. Somehow it feels like she was ment to be part of some Anime related, local idol group. Being so outgoing and with all that close wota contact.
    I’m happy she ended up in Mosume!

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    • How can you call such a cute girl INSANE? …She’s CRAZY, not insane.

      …there’s a difference, I swear.

      Plus, those wota probably smelled pretty bad. If you had some lovely perfume on hand, I’m sure you’d consider doing the same ^_^

    • thus it’s time for you to quit being a hater. Life is joyful, buddy, you can find it on simple things like Masaki’s antics. :D

  9. I saw these reports earlier, reposted from Twitter on to Tumblr, and I must say that I’m super-meccha-excited that you posted them here, Henkka! And with additional content and commentary!

    When I get out to Japan in the near future, I will happily volunteer to drag, er, accompany you out to many H!P events…especially handshake events! We all know that those are the best =D

    Think of all the great times we could have, being sprayed with young girls’ perfume and getting arrested later that day for smelling like we just kidnapped a boatload of lolis!



  10. IMO, it doesn’t matter if the translated stuff about the girls comes from 2ch or twitter, its all good anyway, so keep em coming! Thanks for doing this!

  11. It would be great if you could keep doing the twitter reports too, Henkka!
    Thanks for the hard work! :]
    It’s always interesting to read the fun and crazy things H!P members do (specially if it’s from Maa-chan and Rose Quartz-sama lol)
    Also, I found it cute that Riho actually likes being teased by Maa-chan ^^ She’s a more reserved type of girl, so it was surprising that she admitted it. Their friendship is adorable :3

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