15 comments on “Sato Masaki takes naked pictures of Michishige Sayumi!

  1. Maa-chan will forever be the honorary long lost member of the 6th gen. She’s probably the only junior ever who can barge into dressing rooms and speak casually to just about any OG (probably except for Nakazawa though.) I’m still waiting for them to release a backstage DVD Magazine of Maa-chan just going around and fucking with OG’s, i’d literally pay whatever price they wanted for it lol

  2. them hackers wasting their time leaking stuff from a-list hollywood celebrities…
    this right here is what the people want

  3. Perhaps Okamura will start taking “changing room” pictures of Masaki now. Turnabout is fair play, after all.

    Speaking of 15ki, are there any treads on 2ch about them?

  4. Dear Maachan, could you also take naked photos of Fukumura-san? im willing to pay any amount of money to buy them

    • Why would you even want that? Ew.
      There are at least 12 better looking girls in Musume.

  5. As if they needed nude pictures of any member lol, photobooks already pander to that sort of thing *eyeroll*

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