17 comments on “Hagiwara Mai: “I’m tired of seeing Airi’s naked body!”

  1. “The five of them got completely naked and compared each others’ bodies.”

    Why don’t they put THAT on the Alo-Hello! DVD?

  2. On an episode Buono!’s radio show, the topic turned to Airi’s propensity to fall asleep.
    *Note: this is from memory and I couldn’t find the episode this was from, so I can’t guarantee accuracy of who said what. But this was more or less the gist of how the conversation flowed*

    Miya: Airi and I sometimes share hotel rooms. When I get in the bath after Airi, sometimes she’s asleep in the nude by the time I get out.
    Airi: Yes, that happens
    Miya: I’ve even seen her fall asleep while drying her hair
    Momo: Doesn’t the noise keep you awake though?
    Miya: She falls asleep while it’s running
    Airi: Yeah, that does happen
    Miya: I even took a video.
    Momo: What, of her in the buff?
    Airi: No, no!
    Miya: With the hairdryer on!

  3. What I want to know is… where was she sleeping? On the bed? Or did she just get sleepy and way lying on the ground? Was she lying on her belly or on her back?

    Who cares about her lack of clothing; it’s her propensity to randomly fall asleep that’s fascinating here! Mostly.

  4. #73’s comment was all the more amazing when you consider he typed it with one hand.

  5. Airi goes to Uni and very busy person. She often writes to her blog that she falls asleep right after touching the pillow. Or even in the bath at home during watching movie on notebook etc.

  6. What MaiMai actually wants to say is that she rather wants to see other members naked. Like…Chissa…

  7. “I’m tired of seeing Airi’s naked body” said by no guy ever… that would be the best inconvenience to ever have

  8. I have to agree with >>73 since it was probably what the conversation was mostly about: Chisato’s boobies.

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