9 comments on “Yamada Takayuki: “Would they let me join S/mileage if I paid them five million dollars?”

  1. Why is he saying they wont let him? of course they’d let him join. I don’t think any other guy has gone to the auditions with 5 million dollars, that’s why they are rejected.

  2. I used to hate that guy back in college when I was watching his drama “Crying out love in the center of the world” because his leading lady was Haruka Ayase, my ultimate j-crush at the time.

    But yeah, he looks badass now (I’m long-haired and bearded too) \m/

  3. LOL! He must start practicing wearing the shortest skirt XD;;

    But yeah, I like him as an actor besides being a badass. He’s good. My favorite JDrama of him is probably H2. As for movie, Crows Zero – where he’s so badass.

  4. I didn’t even recognize that was Yoshihiko’s actor. Man that first season was great.

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  6. 140: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/18(水) 16:30:28.68 0.net
    If he wants to join the group, he’s gotta do the Smile Campaign first.

    Hell yeah, put him through the smile campaign first lol… Make him go out and promote the group with all his might and if he can double their sales then i say add him to the group

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