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  1. everything about the post asking if its “scary” seems artificial and fake
    what does he think they ll do? knife him in the neck and rape the girl?
    i m betting he doesnt have a girlfriend but likes the fantasy and attention

    i also doubt 35. is true. why in hell would she drag her husband together? is her husband insanely jealous and doesnt want to live her a moment alone? jealous of the wota?

    • Idk, we’ve gotta remember that they’re Japanese. Being a couple in public is somewhat awkward for a lot of Japanese people, so being in a place that’s stereotypically just for forever-virgins might feel… weird lol. Just like someone mentioned they “make them pissed off”. I guess they don’t want to ruin the mood for the other wota, remembering them that they can’t get a girl-/boyfriend.

      Also, I’ve seen 35 way too often. Not at idol concerts, but everyday concerts, like pop singers or rock bands. Sometimes one party of a couple wants to introduce the other to their hobbies and the other just doesn’t get into it at all. Also, there’s some people who are super uncomfortable with people bumping into them. If you’re into idols and the concert atmosphere that might be fine, but if you’re not…

      • that guy supposedly asking was wondering if it would be “Scary”
        he was only interested in him, for his wellbeing, not others.
        the way he phrases everything, communicating on a wota forum while posing the outsider..
        would you find a wota forum to ask if something is “scary”?
        your girlfriend wants to go to a wrestling match….do you sign in a wrestling fan forum to ask if its “scary”? nope
        doesnt add up

        35. “i attend concerts” plural, more than once
        “he always has….” its not his first dance. so my question still stands
        why the hell would you take your husband! to something he doesnt enjoy NOT once but NUMEROUS TIMES?
        why would he agree?
        doesnt make sense. and if it doesnt make sense its not true.

        • 35’s case is the typical “dad went to a boy band concert with his preteen kid”. It’d be nice if he’d let his WIFE enjoy the concert without him tho. If he wants to spend time with her, maybe meet up with her afterwards, or spend time with her before the concert?

          That would be more reasonable, but it’s still a female idol group in Japan. There are ton more males and men there, so the husband might have it in his mind that the male wota will do something with his wife. Even something small like flirting lol, but there is still the culture gap so it’s up to the wife if she’s willing to endure it or finally tell him off.

          MEANWHILE, 26/37 is the one to watch out for. It’s not the same type. It really seems like he wants to spend time with his girlfriend, but it ALSO sounds like he’s doing it so that she’ll do favors for him.

          Such as a “but I went with the concert with you!”, where even if she brings up the fact that he didn’t need to nor was he bearable during it, he’d still respond “but I still went!”. Room for tons of arguments and foster a potential toxic relationship. So I hope the girl did break up with him in the end lol

          (but yeah, agree with the others on your point where OP is “scared” – language is not so limited to where such an emotion is used for one thing only)

    • Look, baskervill. I don’t think you’re a bad person or anything. I just really think you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about 99% of the time I see your comments here. And that’d be OK in itself, but you make it seem like you’re some sort of authority on whichever the subject at hand is. All of your comments would come across a LOT better if you just started each one of them with a “don’t mind me, i don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.” I don’t know how you do it, but it’s like you manage to miss the point of every single thread on this blog. Or in the off-chance that you do get it, you just comment something fucking mindless on it anyway.

      In a nutshell: just try harder.

  2. Man I wanna go to an HP concert with my boyfriend one day, but I’m afrad. Not because I think he might not like it, I am sure he wouldn’t mind, but because I am afraid he’ll see the gross wota behaviour around him and start finding me gross too xD

  3. A female wota and his boyfriend went to a H!P concert

    FW : Hey do you enjoy the concert?
    BF : It’s okay. The girls are kinda cute.
    FW : Oh, okay. Who do you think the cutest?
    BF : (It’s a fucking trap)

    • Using DVDs, I do this with my friends (no lovers yet in my life lol) .

      And it’s purely because I am legit trying to get them into the fandom. Once they start liking a member, or even just their music, I can start talking some things about H!P with them. They’ll understand better while I actually get to talk to someone about it like always lol

    • I wonder if the right way out of the trap is to say that the ikemon of the group is the cutest because her boyishness makes her stand out. Then if the GF starts on “you like boyish girls better than girly girls? Should I go butch?” You say that you are going with her not because she is cute but because she is beautiful.

      • nope.
        the right way out of this trap is to spring it and leave the girl.
        if a girl plays these type of mind games, its a red flag like no other.
        stay away from those types.

  4. Hey Henkka, I’m sorry this is a little off-topic, but I was wondering if you might know where I can find Sharan Q and Tsunku music, legally or otherwise. I’ve been searching on the internet for a while now but I haven’t been able to find anything. I figured you might know where I would be able to find it.

  5. Henkka, if you don’t mind me asking would you be able to post some stuff about Zukki’s graduation? (or Sayashi’s)
    Since they’re quite relevant topics right now, I’m curious to hear how the Japanese wota feel about it, especially since the two members were totally different popularity wise.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • I always have my eyes open. If what I think is a fun thread regarding Zukki’s graduation (or anything else for that matter) pops up, I’ll do it.

      In regards to Sayashi, there was a thread a while ago about how it seems she’s been a bit lonely as of late. Here’s a mini-translation for you.

      Suzuki: Something happened just yesterday, right?
      Fukumura: We have a chat group on an SNS service that the three of us use to talk about work, but as a matter of fact, it’s actually all four of us in 9th gen that are in it. So when we were talking about where we should meet up, Sayashi suddenly chipped in with a random “I agree.
      Suzuki: And the other day when the three of us were in rehearsal, she suddenly messaged the group saying “someone talk to me~!” I think she’s a bit lonely. (laughs)
      Fukumura: Yeah. She might be feeling a little lonely.
      — Let me guess: Eripon just ignored her message?
      Ikuta: Yes. Even though I did see it. (laughs)

      4: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/02(土) 18:15:30.85 0.net

  6. 11: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/02/02(火) 00:26:16.33 0.net
    When it’s a couple, I always feel bad for the guy because he doesn’t look like he’s cheering for his oshi at 100%.

    Lol i can see that happening if he has the jealous type… She’ll be like “why you cheering for her so hard… Do you like her more than me”… Then there is no right answer for that question so he has to just sit there and hold back his wota spirit

  7. “28: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/02/02(火) 00:39:29.46 0.net
    This board is no place for people who are in a happy relationship.
    Go back to where you came from.”

    Yes, never ask dating advice from a group of wotas.

  8. Hey henkka, thank you for all the awesome translations you have made! They are all really entertaining and help make a long boring day more interesting!
    I won’t ask you to translate anything, since i can imagine it’s a shitton of work. But I am wondering if you have seen anything/know anything about the Japanese’s reaction to Oda Sakura’s 1rst photobook? I know she’s not very popular over there, so I was just curious if you happened to have seen anything about it. x3
    hope you are well and that the tsunku-loss isn’t too hard on you

  9. I went to MM’15 concert with a female friend (we r both female).. my friend is not really a fan..
    We are foreigner.. when we arrived at the concert place, my friend noticed a good-looking male staff. We were not sure where to go & she insist me to go ask that staff. Yup he helped us & my friend was like ‘he’s so cute!!’ then when we entered the concert hall, there was a really cool-looking guy seating right in front of us. He was just a casual fan I guess.. not wearing any MM t-shirt & not even had any penlight. My friend keep staring at him for the whole concert. After the concert, she was like ‘umm, not bad at all’.. yeah right.. at least she did her job as a chaperone.. but I really enjoy the concert though cuz my friend did not bother me at all..

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