10 comments on “If Berikyuu went out drinking together

  1. i think chisato and maasa would be able to hold it together until a certain point
    then they d collapse in a drunke stupor
    i think those 2 can hold it better than the other ones
    maasa a bit more lightweight that chisato

    there was a yakiniku place visit with chisato, hagiwara and maimi
    thats hellopro time had such a cool vibe
    oroboras visited the shop they visited, it was fun
    drunk nacky might be fun

  2. Great thread

    86: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/11(月) 23:55:41.86 0.net
    I’d actually really like to see the members of Berikyuu all drinking together. Come on, Up-Front, make it into a DVD Magazine or even just a YouTube video.

    This would be one of the single greatest idol events of all time… They need to makes this a reality soon, its guaranteed to be successful

    159: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/12(火) 00:20:11.36 0.net
    Shimizu would’ve arranged it so that Maiha, Meguu, Umeda and Kanna would be there as a surprise, too. Everyone would be crying their eyes off at the sudden Kids class reunion.

    And this is how you make this event even more legendary… I anybody can assemble the entire roster its got to be the captain, they’ve been following her lead since the beginning

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