7 comments on “Wada Ayacho orders fans to join shoulders during “Tomo yo”

  1. 34: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/04/17(日) 20:56:32.96 0.net
    Feels like Katsuta would laugh her ass off upon seeing the wota joining shoulders.

    Witnessing Puu chuckled during this moment is gold!

  2. I honestly think Ayacho would join shoulders with a sweaty wota if she could. Being an idol limits her, but i think she feels if she’s willing to do it, everyone else should too.

  3. i m old so im out of the loop in this “commorodery” stuff anyway but i d like to witness it.
    id be “katsuting” from the family seats lol

  4. They should have fans hold each others’ shoulders at a babymetal concert, where being sweaty is normal and expected.

  5. This doesn’t seem like a thing Japanese wotas would enjoy. To be honest, nor me as a non-J wota. What is she thinking??

  6. I wouldn’t mind doing this if the person next to me was a girl/woman, a guy close to my age and all in all a non-sweaty middle aged wota.

    But then again I don’t live in Japan and aren’t a big ANGERME fan yet… Lol.

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